Facebook: The New Face Of E-Commerce?

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FACEBOOK: THE NEW FACE OF E-COMMERCE? “Facebook: The New Face of E-Commerce?”

“Facebook: The New Face of E-Commerce?”


Facebook advertising has now become the stepping stone for companies trying to raise more brand awareness and advertise their products. Using Facebook as a promotional tool, companies like Asos and Dorothy Perkins have created a Facebook page to enable (to enable what) and build a stronger brand awareness and a better marketing relationship with their customers

Thesis statement

The Facebook is considered to be a new face for the E-Commerce as there are number of applications available for the users that make them able to interact through the online channels and buy various new products.

Purpose of paper

The purpose of this paper is to present the effectiveness of the Facebook that is considered to be the new face of the E-Commerce. The paper will underline the benefits and advantages of the Facebook that will allow the readers to understand the usage of Facebook as a new face of E-Commerce. The thesis statement has also been provided in the paper that will be followed throughout the thesis. The main aim of the paper is to present the importance of the Facebook and its emerging benefits that have made it to become important part of the E-Commerce. Another aim of the paper also includes to provide information about the advantages of the Facebook with regard to the online purchasing aspects of this new application.

Overview of paper

The paper firstly presents the introductory paragraph regarding the usage of Facebook as an important part of the E-commerce. The thesis statement is thus presented after the introductory paragraph regarding the usefulness of the Facebook. Afterwards, the discussion on the important aspects of the Facebook and its usage as an important part of the E-Commerce has been provided that critically analyse the benefits and advantages of the Facebook. At the end of the paper, the conclusion along with the recommendations and summary of the whole paper has been presented that will facilitate the readers to note the important point made within the paper.


The E-commerce is the trade of products and equipments that is being done through various online channels aimed at facilitating the customers with time and money resources. The benefits of the E-commerce cannot be ignored as there are several advantages possessed by the E-commerce and its new emerging technology. The advancement in technology has made the E-commerce to expand its usefulness all over the world and things would have been wondered in the primitive times have now been made possible due to the benefits of the E-Commerce. The E-commerce not only entertains its own resources however there are various other channels through which the individuals can buy products. The social media is an important channel through which advertising of several products could be done. Among these social media sites, My Space, Twitter and Facebook are the famous ones that are used by almost all the users that are engaged in the online ...
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