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Film Critique

Film Critique


The film chosen for critique is “The Godfather” in which Don Corleone as a mafia leader plays a major role. Don Corleone, "The Godfather" in the movie is one of the most feared leaders of the Mafia who refuses the idea of profit from the drug. Therefore, this refusal of his becomes a marked man for his rivals to kill. Once he gets seriously wounded in an attack in which he survived miraculously. Don Corleone is the father of four children, one girl and three sons. Mike, his son, returned to the United States to succeed him and avenge him. Mike follows the footsteps of his father to avenge his death (Sifakis, 1987).


Francis Ford Coppola's adaptation of Mario Paso's, “The Godfather” is regarded as such an important cinematic classic that it is easy to forget what an audacious undertaking it was and how unconventional Coppola decided to make it. Here, is dramatic and violent story, epic in scope that begins with a thirty minute wedding celebration that has little plot advancement, no action, and introduces about twenty main characters. The payoff comes later when people feel like they know these people and consider them as part of their own family. The film had a nice plot and it had the capability to attract a lot of people. This is the reason why the critics provided a strong support for the movie and considered it as one of the greatest films in the history of Hollywood. The story of the film was quite interesting, and, it was one of the key features of the movie (Jones, 2007).


The cast of the movie proved to be a huge factor for the success of the final movie. In fact, for any movie, cast plays a pivotal role and, considered as a crucial, for the success or failure of the movies. There are several movies that had an uninteresting story, but the spirited cast enabled the movie to become an enormous success. On the other hand, the stories of the movies are quite good, but the cast was not that strong that might have otherwise played an instrumental role in the success of the movie. There were many people that had a great pleasure of seeing “The Godfather” in the cinema for its 25th anniversary re-release. Although, most of them, were those people that had seen this movie several times in their life. The audience that the movie on its twenty fifth anniversaries claimed that they never were so mesmerized in watching the movie as compare to their previous experience.

People were forced to thing that why they did not have the similar attraction with the movie in 1972 as compare to their viewing in 2011. It is very natural with many people. Sometimes, the audience does not get attracted with the movie after viewing it for the first time but after watching it for several times, people like that movie very much. This is the strong effect created by the cast ...
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