Final Plan And Reflection Essay

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Final Plan and Reflection Essay

Final Plan and Reflection Essay

Section One: Mission and Vision Statement

My vision is to develop or generate students who will outweigh all the competitors internationally. A special breed of students who will excel in their particular fields of interests and will lead the society to the highest level of excellence through their ultimate abilities, best academic background, high cognitive approach and excellent quantitative skills. This will not be possible without revolutionizing the method of educating students at this stage and therefore, use of state of the art technologies and redefining the method of teaching by making classes more informative, comprehensive and interactive must be acquired. However, to help students to switch between the traditional mode of teaching and the revolutionary ones, it will be necessary to develop the system in such a way that students don't hesitate to adopt it.

My mission is to make the education system friendly, interactive and enjoyable rather than a burden as it might become for some students. The mission is not only to make the system friendlier for students but also to make it more effective and comprehensive. Recent researches have shown that, the more relaxing environment a student is provided the better creativity and cognizance he/she develops and the more knowledge he/she can acquire and understand clearly. Extraordinary skills of reading, listening and understanding will be developed and high skills of mathematics will be taught by showing the applications of each rule of mathematics.

Section Two: Communications Plan

The main source of communication in this form of teaching will be through internet by the use of video conferencing, VoIP services, e-mail and instant messages. Moreover, blogs, profiles and reports will be generated to keep the students updated about their performance, the areas of strength and areas of weaknesses will be pointed out. In case ...
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