Reflection Log & Personal Development Plan name Of The Inst

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Reflection Log & Personal Development Plan Abstract

The essay outlines a reflection log of a volunteer housing officer as well as personal development plan to improve on the skills and growth prospects in the housing industry.

Reflection Log and Personal Development Plan

Task A: Reflection Log

Part I: Introduction

I have been working in housing council as a voluntary worker for last 12 years. My job tends to be related to Housing officer who involves the responsibilities to deal with tenants, translate the clients who do not speak English and filling the form on behalf of the tenants. Being a housing officer requires certain skills on my part that helps me to prosper and develop in the UK industry as a professional.

Part II: Brief Description of Activity

The main activity of filling out an application on behalf of the tenant does not only required filling an application document, but it also call for collecting all the relevant documents that must be attached with the application form. As a volunteer housing officer, my job entails ensuring that tenants also provide proof of their identification and proof of their income. Proof of identification includes documents like driving licenses, copy of ATM card, phone and other utility accounts. Income can be verified by tenants pay slips, employment contract and bank statements. Along with the tenancy agreement, tenants also filled out utility connection service forms to get all the required utilities in their new houses which include gas, electricity, telephone, internet, pay TV, and even truck hire. It is the responsibility of the housing officer to ensure that the tenants understand the terms and condition of the tenancy agreement. Moreover, housing officer or volunteer also assist the customers during the entire arrangement process of entire tenancy. At the same time, it also helps those customers that have arrived in the vicinity from some abroad country and do not speak and understand native English properly. As a housing officer, , one deal with a range of diverse customer base who are coming from a variety of backgrounds. The work requires us to facilitate all customers while aligning their requirements with the aims and objectives of the housing counsels.

Part III: Reflection on Skills

Being a housing officer even done as a volunteer requires a range of skills from the apart of the volunteer which includes organizational, time management, and assertiveness skills. The primary responsibility of the officer is to facilitate and deal the tenants and make all necessary arrangements fulfill the needs of the customers. At the same time, he/she must ensure the compliance between the objectives of the housing council and the tenancy agreements. This requires organizational skills from the apart of the officer. Time management is another important personality trait which is extensively necessary in the housing. Making a housing arrangement and facilitation of the customers till they finally get any appropriate residence which satisfies their needs call for time management. Even after filling out the form, it is the responsibly of the housing officer to ...
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