Fire Investigation

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Fire Investigation

Fire Investigation


The cities of California's Great Central Valley Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Fresno and Bakersfield, which are together called the heart of Ca1ifornia, have repeatedly entered American popular culture and folklore. The cities have their own fire departments and in times of need firefighters and equipment might be taken on supplementary purpose. There have been quite a few incidents of forest fire in these cities and there always is a debate on how crisis management could improve and minimize the impact of these incidents on the environment and human health. This paper explores threats posed by the forest fires in California and it's surrounded lower central valley between Bakersfield and Modesto. The paper first describes the nature and impact of forest fires and then follows the damage the forest fire does to the environment. Finally a global and national environmental picture is presented relating to the subject (Lowenstein, 2001).

Fire ravages dry vegetation, burning everything in its way. Under prolonged dry conditions with even moderate winds fire can spread across a wide area very quickly, stretching the emergency services and testing their ability to contain and manage the spread and to minimize risk and damage to people and property. Natural fires have traditionally caused extensive damage to grassland, woodland and forest. A forest fire is a powerful force of nature. It can kill people, animals, and trees. It can destroy homes and buildings. But it also is part of a forest's natural life cycle. Forest fires clean out forest lands by burning dead leaves, plants, and trees. The powdery ash that is left behind contains many nutrients to help new plants grow. Forest fires can happen almost anywhere. Antarctica is the only continent on Earth where forest fires do not occur. Forest fires can happen any time. They are most common during hot, dry seasons. But forests can burn in the winter. Firefighters might even have to battle flames while snow is falling.

Before going on the subject that concerns us, though it may seem futile, it is necessary to establish that by using the term "fire" we are referring to the fire burning buildings, equipment, goods, pastures, forests, etc.., they were not intended to burn. It is a havoc total or partial destruction of a thing (movable or immovable) by combustion. From the legal point of view the concept should be supplemented with a new element: Damage or danger to life or physical integrity of persons.

Worldwide, the assessment is typically measured by the amount of insured values ??have been lost. In any case, statistics are incomplete and very inaccurate and have no comparative value. The investigation of the fire is not a fanciful or capricious demand but, on the contrary, as happens in most countries world, is a legal obligation that rests with the Fire

The main goal of an investigation of a fire is recognition, identification and analysis of the marks left by the fire. This analysis of brands can establish the spread of fire, identification of areas and points of ...
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