Florence Nightingale's Nursing Practice

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Florence Nightingale's Ideas Apply to Nursing Practice

Florence Nightingale's ideas apply to nursing practice

This paper presents significant foundational data on the origins of spirituality in nursing by the founder of nursing, Florence Nightingale. Rather than a chronological biographical sketch, the publication presents an orientation to the concepts, individuals, and events that assisted form Nightingale's conceiving in the 1800s. Her thoughts and publications are considered in the first three sections in relative to spirituality and belief, life after death, the integration of research and spirituality, and the function of prayer.

Nursing has developed as a technical control and esteem and is appearing into expert status. From Florence Nightingale's direct bedside persevering care to its present multifaceted functions, nursing has altered considerably in its scope of perform, responsibilities and functions (Fitzpatrick and Whall 2005).

The annals displays that she dwelled through an era of confrontation and change. The major assistance of Florence is that she has characterised Nursing in its correct form. She had evolved the correct and concise significance of nursing. That is she has recounted what nursing is and what nursing is not. She accepted that nursing engages Environmental Manipulation, Nutrition, and Conservation of Patient Energy. All these facets were primarily encompassed in nursing. And the literal significance of nursing was in one way or another attached all these aspects.

The values which have been characterised by Florence Nightingale depicts that nursing is fundamentally attached with reforms. These restructures are sanitary restructure, architectural and administrative restructure, technical methodology and informative restructures, and public wellbeing restructure and political action. According to Nightingale all these notions were advised as the basics of nursing. This quotation can best recounted the services which the nurses supply Nursing is both "the woman with the lamp" comforting the hurt fighter and the woman that battles the political ...
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