Force For Change

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Force for Change

Executive Summary

The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the case study of Forces for Change. This paper discusses that how Forces of Changes helped the community and decreased the violence rate. This paper discusses that the government has decreased its funds to the charities which is an alarming situation for the charity, and it has work is being restricted. Therefore, the charity felt a great need of taking funds from individuals and increasing its revenue. Therefore, the best source through which it can gain the funds is through the digital media marketing. The main purpose of this paper is to act as Digital Marketing Manager and make a One Year Donor Acquisition Campaign.

Table of Content


Executive Summary2



Assignment Methodology5

1.1 External and internal situation and issue analysis and summary5

1.11 External (macro-environmental) analysis5

1.12 Internal analysis of the case organisation7



Segmentation & targeting Strategy11

Creative Strategy12

Channel Strategy13

Communication Strategy & Testing13

Database and information strategy14

Customer Relationship Strategy15

Research Strategy17

Operating or Implementation Plan18

Contingency Plan18




Force for Change


The main purpose of this paper is to make an analysis on the case study of “Force for Change”. This paper gives an overview about the charity Force for Change. This paper provides the marketing plan of Force for Change and gives an overview about the internal and external factors affecting the Force for Change. The paper also gives an overview about the SMART objectives of the plan.


This case is about Force for change, which is a small charity that works for promoting the awareness about the causes of gang violence, antagonism in schools and conflicts arising in the community, and to giving practical and lasting solutions to these problems. The problem of youth violence is continuously increasing in UK. The national media is raising this issue and making people aware about the issue particularly focusing on the knife crime. Force of Change started its operations in 1997, when young people of South London were giving their volunteer services in order to support the peaceful resolutions to inter-gang conflict.

Force for change is operating three regional centres at London, Manchester and Glasgow having registration with the Legal Services Commission (LSC) as an adult training provider. Because of the hard work of this charity, the rate of violence has deducted in Glasgow and Enfield. The problem aroused when the UK youth charities have felt that the government is decreasing its funds for such charities and as a result, these charities are facing problems in continuing their tasks. Therefore, the main problem for these charities was to search for a source that can provide them the funds. The charity has received funds in its Christmas activities through different marketing activities like direct mail, digital media i.e. social media, website and search marketing, and branding and PR activities.

The main purpose of this case study is to act as a Digital Marketing Manager and develops a One Year Donor Acquisition Campaign plan. The main purpose of this plan is to bring digital presence so that the charity could increase its funds from individual ...
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