Forensic Aspects Of Computer Crimes

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Forensic Aspects of Computer Crimes

Computer Forensics

The value of information in our society, and especially in business, it is increasingly important for business development of any organization. Deriving from this aspect, the importance of computer forensics, their uses and objectives, is of increasing importance.

Computer forensics is becoming very important in the area electronic information, that because of the increased value of information and / or use that it gives to the development of new areas where it is used (e.g. the Internet), and the widespread use of computers by business companies traditional (e.g. banks). That is why when doing a crime; many Sometimes the information is stored in digital form. However, there is great problem, because computers store data information so that cannot be collected or used as evidence by using media common, you must use different mechanisms to the traditional. It is here that a concept of the study of computer forensics as a relatively new science. Emphasizing its scientific character is founded on the laws of physics, electricity and magnetism. It is thanks to electromagnetic phenomena that information can be stored, read and even when it was believed recover deleted. Computer forensics, applying strict and rigorous procedures can help solve big crimes supported by the scientific method, applied to collection, analysis and validation of all types of digital evidence.


Importance of computer forensics

High-tech crime is one of the most important Priorities of the Department of Justice”. With this sentence we see how little by little computer crimes, their prevention, and processing are becoming increasingly important. This is supported by studies on the number of incidents reported by the companies due to computer-related crimes. However, the real importance of computer forensics is obtained from its objectives.

Typical Aspects of a Computer Forensics Crime Investigation

First, those who investigate computers ...
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