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What are the major differences between MLA format and APA format?

APA is the form of formatting and it is stands for American Psychological Associations. APA is this resource which is commonly revised according to the 5th and 6th edition of the APA manual, offers examples for the general format of APA research papers, in text citations, endnotes, and the reference page whereas, MLA stands for Modern Language Association and it has been widely adopted by schools, academic departments, and instructors for over half a century. The association's guidelines are also used by over 1,100 scholarly and literary journals, newsletters, and magazines and by many university and commercial presses.

What is the difference between a print and a non-print source? Why is it important to use a combination of both when proving your thesis?

Print is basically a source or data which is published on both electronic and paper source whereas non-print source is unpublished data which is not released in electronic and paper sources. It is important to use a combination of both because published is used as a final work and it is presentable and unpublished data is the file in which you do the amendments the way you want. You can do proofreading in unpublished data as much as you want.

What makes a research paper credible? Be specific.

For the credible research paper you have to use the reliable source. Try to use sources from books rather than internet because book source always makes a research credible. Sources taken from internet are usually not reliable and that sources are sometimes editable which can be used and edit easily from anyone. For example Encyclopedia and Wikipedia are the sources which are not trustable. Even there is difference in book sources also which are sometimes tends to be unreliable. Magazines are the form of book source which sometimes tend to be biased. Books are good in order to get the reliable research pap

What do you include in the conclusion of your research paper?

Conclusion is the most important part of any thesis or report. You cannot complete your report or thesis without the conclusion part. Conclusion is always starts from the summary of the topic which you gave in the entire thesis. Keep in mind that your conclusion must be at least 3 4 paragraphs which should have the complete information about the topic and in the end you give the result or the analysis of the topic which summarize your thesis and gives paper the better credibility. You have to be precise while giving the conclusion because it does not includes the entire topic but just a summary and analysis.

What are three very important pieces of information you have learned so far about research paper writing?

There are a lot of things which I have learned about research paper writing and some of them are given below:

The main thing I have learned from the information is the formatting of paper which gives you the better presentation of the research ...
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