French Responses To Islam

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French Responses to Islam in French West Africa in the Period Before 1940

French Responses to Islam in French West Africa in the Period Before 1940


The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the French responses to Islam in French West Africa in the period before 1940. The paper discusses the French imperialism before 1940, and the French reaction to Islam. First example of this Muslim integration on French territory started in the mosques and prayer rooms. Many mosques have; therefore, developed additional activities in the educational or social, which inevitably led religious leaders to develop new ways to advise Muslims in France to offer solutions that are consistent with the concerns of the country (Harrison 2008, 75).


The Muslim presence in France is the child of the colonial conquest of Algeria. Also in France, during the 70 years, a review remarkable, unique, has emerged: Islam and Society South of the Sahara, which is the prestigious publication EHESS, designed and led by researchers at the scale of Jean-Louis Triaud and Constant Hames. It is a French, Jacques Breque, which was the most eminent historian of the Maghreb, specifically these days, held a conference in Fez in his honour, sponsored by the Centre Jacques Berque, Rabat. The Islamist Louis Massignon has become famous, too, and French author not only of the Opera Minora, but also and above all, the four volumes of al-Hallaj, the influential Muslim mystic put to death for daring to speak blasphemous assertion: ana al-Haqq (I am the Truth). It thus have grazed the sin of hoots, mystical union with God, strictly prohibited and ostracized by the Islamic orthodoxy (Laurence Vai¨sse 2006, 66). French culture marked by groups of Arabic's provided illustrious and passionate translators, which we quote from all Houdas and Slane. The tropical biome forms a belt from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. It had borders to the north by the Sahara Desert and the sources of the rivers Senegal and Niger to the south. Naturally, trade established between the south of North Africa and neighbouring countries (Silverstein 2004, 109).

The first blacks to embrace Islam were Dya'ogo Dynasty, people located along the valley of the Senegal to the current 850 AD Arab-Muslim historians often refer to this region called "Bilad has takroûr" they consider the country of the first black Muslims. The Arab historians are familiar with the West Africa they call "Bilad as-Sudan" ("the land of the blacks"). In medieval times, empires emerged from the famous even today: the empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhay. Prominent historians have described the glory of this land for centuries before the Europeans, including Al-Bakri, al-Mas'ud, Ibn Ba tt where t and Ibn Khaldun has. The history of secularism in France can be divided into two phases, as clearly shown in John Baubérot much of his writings. He speaks of "two levels of secularization (Saunders 2002, 160)."

W ar-Jabi, son of Rabis was the first leader of Takroûr under whose reign Islam stands firmly, ...
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