Islamic Movements

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According to Barnett and Micheal (1996, Pp. 54)The concept of Islamic Movement means a collective, organized work, which is attempted by the Muslims, in order to restore the original concept of Islam, and provide a leadership to the Islamic society, and to the rudder of the life all walks of life.

Before saying anything else about this, I would like to describe the concept of Islamic movement. The Islamic Movement in the Middle East is a work, which is relentless, and energetic, the words, which are said by the people, the lectures, and speeches, which are delivered by people around the world or the articles or books, are indeed called for. However, they are just a small part of the Islamic movements; they are not the movement in itself.

According to the people, who support the Islamic movement, these movements are a work, which are purely based on the concept of personal conviction and self-motivation. It is a work performed out of faith and for nothing other than the sake of Allah, in the hope of being rewarded by Him, not by humans. This has led the facts on the ground to many questions expressed by the studies, conferences and scientific seminars and meetings and the writings of many very difficult to take on the position of the Islamic Movement of issues of public freedoms, democracy and the opportunities and the possibility of acceptance of political pluralism and cultural rights. (Angrist, Michele 2005, Pp. 36)

Angrist & Michele (2004, Pp. 229) say that it is known that U.S. goals in the Islamic world since the end of World War II is to ensure that the flow of oil prices "reasonable", to preserve the survival of Israel on the grounds that they represent the form Alglaby in the region, the survival of regimes allies has to sought to implement these goals in various ways the political, economic and military.

Anderson (2004, Pp.303) say that since the Islamist movement took part in resisting the invasions of the colonial British, French and Zionism has been marked by the U.S. to deal with conflict and hostility have, especially, since the success of the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 believed that the movement represents a threat to the strategic interests of America.

The signing of the QIZ agreement qiz between the United States, Israel and Egypt to raise real fears in the Islamist movement in general and the Muslim Brotherhood. Specifically, not from the possibilities of more response actions, but that this agreement reflects the efforts of real to establish a Middle East order and the achievement of U.S. objectives in the Muslim world. With the beginning of the nineties began the American propaganda to distort the image of Islam and the link between Islam and the Islamist movement, terrorism, and Washington turned a blind eye to human rights violations in the Islamic world if the target was an Islamic movement, ...
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