Future Energy Sources

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Future Energy Sources

Energy Sources of the Future

This topic energy source of the future discusses and argues with critical analyzing over the energy resources and discovers alternate energy sources. The alternative energy sources would be discussed in terms of what they are, how much would they cost or do cost in cases where they are applied, the quantity of energy generated sufficiency. The argument in this paper discussed supports the alternative energy sources and how this would help towards the problems caused by population released if the primary energy sources are to be used instead. (Sudhanshu, 2010)

Today scientists try to encourage use of alternative energy instead of fossil fuels because their combustion produces air pollution and contributes to the increase in global temperature. In addition, forecasts of scientists predict that these fuels will run out within a century. For these reasons scientist prefer to utilize renewable energy as alternative energy sources, so called because they are made from natural raw materials (sun, water, wind, wood, geothermal) which are formed and renewed continuously and the energy generated from them are unlimited. It will be a huge achievement if scientists are allowed to produce energy without polluting the environment or destroy the planet's natural resources. 

The use of renewable energy is still limited by the low efficiency and much higher costs than fossil fuels to build industries that produce this type of energy. The heat from the sun can be used to generate a massive amount of energy. To collect this heat, solar panels are used, which look like mirrors and photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity without combustion or emissions. Solar panels are placed in communication systems and roofs of buildings, roofs and windows. These days, solar panels are being used at homes to use electric kettles to heat water. However, solar panels though are expensive, but are persistent to the environment. Problems after installing solar panels in the form of alternative energy sources arise when it is cloudy season and at night time when sun light is not present.

This is one of the reasons which are leading science to develop other ways of generating energy. It is considered that with the new plants of solar panels will be able to lower the cost of solar energy. Today this type of energy meets less than 1% of global demand. In future, however, it will be used to extract hydrogen from water, a clean gas (when burned produces water) that could be used in power plants and cars. The industry uses the hydraulic force of falling water (Smit & Taylor, 2008). 

Since there are not enough natural waterfalls, man builds dams to stop the water from dropping on a turbine that produces energy. However, the construction of these artificial barriers due to the submersion of vast territories, either inhabited or cultivated, changes the natural characteristics of rivers and sometimes the regional climatic conditions. The largest producers of hydroelectric power are the states crossed by major rivers such as Canada, China, Russia, the United States and Brazil. The hydro power plants are polluting because they use ...
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