Gay Marriage

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Gay Marriage


This paper focuses on the Gay Marriage with respect to the ethics. Gay marriages or same sex marriages whether or not should be legalized in the US on the pretext that they are essentially a matter of freedom of choice. It is important to study this belied held by people living in different states as any action taken by the state government will be and should be in accordance with the needs, demands and values of the people living in that particular state.

Ethics- Gay marriage


Ethics is defined as the “science of morality”, the “discussion of pre-approved standards and values”. An ethical issue addresses a topic of discussion or problem solving that refers to values, standards, behaviors and reasons to give members of a society or group to guide and adjust their driving. She raises one or more issues.

The formulation of an ethical issue must enable the student to get in position for reflection. It should cause it to adopt a critical distance values, norms, behavior and reasons for their actions, either his, or those of others institutions. In a broad sense, an ethical issue is an event which poses a possible situation in the field of reality but conflicting moral level. This calls for either a reasoned solution to the conflict, or an analysis of the solution adopted by the protagonist of the story subject. The common thing is that the situation is shown as a choice conflict: the protagonist is subject to a critical stage to which only two, and only two options being both equally feasible and defensible solutions. The subject is therefore facing a real and inevitable difficult situation in which many questions can be submitted before an election.

This paper focuses on the gay marriage and the ethical issues involved in it. Moreover, this paper is an opinion paper which has taken a position with the use of relevant research.

Thesis Statement

In all religions of the monotheistic as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, marriage is sanctified by God, man and woman relationship. Same-sex marriage does not meet the requirements because it is directed by nature to the procreation and upbringing of children. According to psychological surveys and research, people marry one another from love, support and above all, physical satisfaction. Gays and lesbians usually have a fear of being distorted and misused by the members of the other sex, making them fearful and scared of approaching them, which in turn provokes them to move to their own gender of origin and marrying their 'gender' of choice. Is it ethical to say this that Sexual orientation, segregation and discrimination are all nonsense?


In today's world of modernization and futuristic belief, matrimonial relationships among boys (gay marriages) and girls (lesbian marriages) is considered appropriate. The thought that provokes when discussing gay marriages is uncomfortable, placing the generations-our brood and offspring-at risk of developing disastrous and disturbed mental patterns. Gay marriages have very recently gained excessive promotion and practice in recent days. In primitive times, anyone and everyone would consider homosexual marriages as a sin, considering it ...
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