Gender Studies

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Gender Studies

Gender Studies


Gender studies describe the systematic gathering and examining of information, which is based on the difference in genders and social relations, in order to classify, understand and equalize the inequalities among men and women. The analysis of gender is crucial and valuable diagnostic tool for the development to gender mainstreaming efforts. The methodology and components for the analysis of gender are created in particular circumstances, where the issues related to genders can be better understand. Religion is one the most influential and deeply felt forces in the human society. Religion helps the society by shaping the relationship between the people or the believers to influence the life of an individual, community, family and politics. Religion is the significant portion of the social life, and it defines the social dimensions of the society by “Natural Order”.

In Sociology the significance of religion is very important, because it helps them to study the important parts and relationship of an individual life. Religious values influence the behavior and actions of an individual and the society, which facilitates the sociologist to relate between men and women in different Religions (Richard, 1979). The other significance of Religion for sociologist helps them to study the relationship and influence of religion on society, and society`s impact on religion. In this essay I will be discussing about the assumption of Natural order between men and women in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, with key challenges to this assumption in sociology.


The rise of classical liberalism was much before the time when Christian Orthodox was still vibrant. Christianity shares a number of fundamental ideas and thoughts about the nature of men and women, with their interpersonal relationship. The Christianity presumes the similar moral ontology for the natural order as other religion does. Christianity belongs to the era when the natural law was significant and fundamental concept for all the ideas and thoughts about the human nature and human world. In Christianity, every men and women have the obligations and rights to fulfill the will of Christ for the benefits of their lives and society (Richard, 1979). The natural order of Christianity describes different means and methods for the improvement of society. Men and women have certain responsibilities that are rooted in the regeneration of an individual life. The natural order of Christianity laid down the responsibilities for every man and women, who is suppose to bear by individual himself/herself. The responsibilities of men and women in Christianity are to supposed deal with maximum love and care, which does not harm the dignity of an individual, and also it, does not harm the society. Justice and love are the foundation of natural order in Christianity, which is the obligation for every men and women in the society (Chesterton, 1908).

In Islam, the natural order is expressed over the centuries. There are numerous discoveries, which state that there are no references to the environment, as it is understood today. The word nature cannot be found in Quran as it is an ...
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