Global Citizenship And Equity

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Global Citizenship and Equity

Global Citizenship and Equity

The central focus of this topic is Watson's Meta-Paradigm of Nursing which iterates upon the transpersonal relationship of caring and support and the interconnectedness which occurs throughout the interactions between nurses and patients. Watson's Meta-paradigm of nursing highlights the relativity of nursing care to all of human existence rather than just relating to it at the individual level. In this way, the topic is highly relevant to the learning outcomes identified in Global Citizenship and Equity since it too emphasizes upon the 'indirect' interconnectedness of all humans with each other. This is in congruence with the Watson's theory as she explains the importance of adequate care and compassion at healthcare facilities. One of the major reasons why nursing was chosen to reflect the Global Citizenship and Equity is that there is a distinct and unmistakable link in between the profession of nursing and what is being taught.

The primary goal of the GC&E Course is to provide students an in depth view of the importance of caring for each other. The reason care is given importance in this course is because of the fact that directly or indirectly, every human being is linked to each other. Hence, when considering this topic, the theory of Watson explains that nurses should consider the lives of patients to be linked to their lives so that they may increase the intensity of care they provide them. The outcomes of the course help to show us that we are global citizens and our lives help to shape the lives of others (Carrin, 2009, pp. 142, 3).

My being able to relate to the topic is another crucial factor that induced me to select this topic. I was able to establish a direct connection between my personal experience and the goal of the ...
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