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Overpopulation and Overconsumption of Food - A Global Concern

Overpopulation and Overconsumption of Food - A Global Concern


The scientific and technological advancements in the world have led to most economies becoming industrialized. Add to that the advancements made in the field of medicine and healthcare, and we have reasons for the alarming increase in the global population. Overpopulation is no more a country specific problem but has become a global issue (, 2011).

Overpopulation is leading to depletion of natural resources, alongside bringing down the standards of living of people across the globe. In the 20th century alone, the world's population increased from 1.6 billion to 6 billion i.e. a fourfold increment. This overpopulation is a concern in various aspects as it results in environmental hazards, to say the least.


The major problem faced by all the nations due to the ever increasing additions to the already overpopulated world is the food deficiency (, 2011). Overpopulation means more mouths to feed i.e. overconsumption. As because of overpopulation people move into new areas to settle down, little room is left for the wilderness, which is disrupting the fragile balance of the ecosystem. The dizzying height to which the world's population has reached is putting tremendous pressure on the global food production, water, and other non-renewable resources.

This overpopulation is on the most part attributable to illiteracy among the masses, and further spurred on religious encouragements that condemn contraception and family planning. The lack of education, however, is the major cause of runaway population growth as the uneducated do not realize the responsibility and burden excessive number of children brings upon them, the society, and the world on the whole (, 2011).

The current surge in the world population and the status of natural resources, which support agricultural produce i.e. food makes no bones ...
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