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Global HR Management

Global HR Management


Human resource is a term that has undergone a bit of a transformation over the past few years. Although HR is still involved with the hiring of staff, they role is of a much more strategic nature than it once was. In the past it was a career that was quite administrative in nature. There was a lot of work involved with company policy, procedures and the orientation of staff. Today Human resources management is more to do with building and strengthening the employees as an asset to a company. It has been found that if any company to do better than its competitors, then having a cohesive and productive workforce on their side will help them to achieve their objectives. Human resources management carries out the leg work to ensure the employees of a company are happy, fulfilled by their jobs and on a clear career path. There is a considerable amount of strategic planning involved in HR in the modern business world. (Jackson, 2003)

Honesty and transparency are absolutely vital when it comes to Human resources. Whatever project needs to be implemented, it must be discussed with the staff. A good tip for successful human resources management is to treat employees as individuals. This means scheduling one to one meetings with them on a regular basis and ensuring each member of staff is clear on not only their own career paths, but the path of the company too. When the employees at a company feel valued and appreciated and can see clear direction for their progression within an organization, their productivity and desire to see the company do well increases. (Lewin, 2001)

Business managers need to have awareness of the trend that will affect the working environment in the future. Trends offer indication about how the working environment will vary. Considering these shifts will provide an opportunity to CEO's and managers to adjust and thrive. It is certainly true in the field of HRM since people are one of the most important resources to any company. In this way, the topic of Global Management becomes even more important because of its application in the external world. There are five strategies in Global HRM that business managers need to follow for its successful application.

Leveraging Technology

The importance of Technology is everywhere. Whether it is the industrialized nation or developing markets, a huge number of people are connected with mobile devices like cell phones and portable computers such as Apple IPad. It gives an opportunity to people to interact across traditional boundaries within companies or externally across the world. They are able to access information. Many CEOs are thinking about the techniques to influence this technology outburst. Lot of them are experimenting with teams, eliminating the style of non-traditional workplaces and flatter corporate structure. The companies can use the option of enterprise platform like SAP or PeopleSoft, or can simply use normal services like Hotmail. Therefore, the vital issue from a HR perspective is the application ...
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