Human Resource Management

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HR Management in Global Market

HR Management in Global Market


In the twenty-first century, companies will no longer be restricted to national borders; many companies do business outside their home country in the form of international joint ventures, subsidiaries and sales offices abroad. To compete in this environment the organization continually "learns" and be effective in the international knowledge, skills and competencies (Bender & Fish, 2000, pp. 125).

Today to get to have an organization with an emphasis on participatory and the quality of human resources, the companies need to enable people to promote the success desired in your organization. It is for this reason that the process of recruitment and selection of people in companies or organizations must meet certain requirements to select the right person.

The following work presents results and proposals for improvements in the organization. In general, this study aims to improve the process of recruitment and selection of personnel, which was initially developed with the approach of the problem, the objectives, justification and diagnosis. The information obtained and the application of an interview during the course of the investigation, identified the problems presented by current organization when recruiting and selecting candidates. It should be noted that the proposals to improve the process of recruitment and selection, widely treated in this work are the best way to achieve this goal.

Human Resource Management

The existence of the Human Resource Management becomes important in the 21st century is manifested by the need to turn back to human beings as elements who think, feel, motivate and correct. People are malleable; they accept the change and are caretakers of the total quality with full knowledge and appreciation for the achievement of objectives.

The human resources department is responsible for the registration and control of personnel, including documentation and work history, standing among some of the promotional merits, demerits and congratulations. It provides occupational accidents, health care and safety of employees, and finally in vital function is responsible, to make recreation programs work, which involved smoothing the rough edges partners and promoting integration. In conclusion, the head of human resources is related to all aspects of enterprise management and human resource management, as recruits, selects, prosecutes the training, training, compensation and staff development, advises and manages welfare of employees.

Key Issues of HR Managers

The mechanism of career management personnel of the company is intended to give effect to the system of career management, system functions, powers and responsibilities of subjects and objects of career management through specific forms and methods of work with the staff, as well as achieve the goals of career management personnel in the municipal authorities.

The most important elements of the mechanism of career management personnel are selection, evaluation and training. Career management process includes the following:

Identifying primarily the needs of the staff and assessment of professional capabilities of staff;

Development and subsequent use of the career strategy of the organization;

Implementation of decisions and plans for career of the organization's workforce.

In the process, of career management is carried out to solve two critical tasks: ...
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