Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Table of Contents


Task 1 Personnel management and the new approach of human resources Management1

1.1 Personal Management” differs from “Human Resource Management”,1

Human Resource Practices for Changing Environment1

1.2 Role of Human Resource Department2

The Task and Activities of Human Resource Practitioner in the Organization2

1.3 The Roles and Responsibilities of a Line Manager3

Task 2 Procedures and practices used for recruiting and selecting suitable employees3

2.1 Human Resource Planning3

Stages of Human Resource Plan4

2.2 The Process of Recruitment4

Recruitment Process of ASDA5

2.3 Interview as a Selection Technique and Available Range Of Alternative Selection Methods5

Selection Techniques5

Interview as a Selection Technique5

2.4 Assessment report for the selection procedures and practices in Apple Inc and General Electric6

Task 3 Principle and procedures for monitoring and rewarding the employee6

3.1 The Job Evaluation procedure in Apple6

3.2 The Significant Factors Of Determine Employees Pay6

3.3 Ways of Rewarding Employees in an Organization7

Task 4 Rights and procedures on exit8

4.1 The Main Factors in 'Exit Procedures' Comparing To 'Best Practice' Approach By the Two Chosen Organizations8

4.2 The Factors to Be Considered When Selecting Criteria for Employee Redundancy8



Human Resource Management


The paper provides significant and comprehensive findings regarding Human Resource Management and Department. Human resource department is the most important department in the organization, any flaw in this department may bring failure to the entire organization. However, managing this department have positive effect on other departments.

Human resource management or management of personnel, personnel function is the term that can be broadly defined as strategic, uniform and consistent method of targeting the most valuable capital of any organization - people. It's all the people involved, their personal and collective efforts, contribute to the benchmarks of the organization objectives, and thus strengthen its lead over the competition.

The literature is also used the term “personnel management” under which it means a set of actions of people, aiming at achieving the organization's objectives and meets the needs of the staff. The focus of the personnel function in this approach are the people as causative agents in the pursuit of individual and organizational objectives, and so the staff in terms of quantity and quality, their commitment to the organization, achieved results and conditions for these variables.

Task 1 Personnel management and the new approach of human resources Management

1.1 Personal Management” differs from “Human Resource Management”,

Personnel management is mostly functional cells that play a role in monitoring the management of personal affairs and the operating line. While, human resource management requires the involvement of all managers, especially chief executives; personal cell acting in an advisory \ and, the attitude of management is enabled (Wang & Swanson, 2008, 358-362).

Personnel Management is separate functions, tasks, uncoordinated, not arising from a coherent approach to solving employee issues, lack of economic ties with the strategy of the organization. On the other hand, human resource management functions integrated organizationally and conceptually, designed to bind to specific tasks, such as employee evaluations of pay, promotion of training, recruitment of job requirements, personnel strategy integrated with the strategy of the organization (Guest, 2011, ...
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