Human Resource Management In The Delivery Of Service Users Friendly Services In Health And Social Care

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Human Resource Management In The Delivery Of Service Users Friendly Services In Health And Social Care

Importance Of Human Resource Management In The Delivery Of Service Users Friendly Services In Health And Social Care


Defining human resources in health & social care

Within many health and social care systems worldwide, increased attention is focusing on human resource management (HRM). Specifically, human resources are one of the three entrances of the health system first, with the two other major inputs physical capital and consumables. Figure 1 shows the relationship between health system inputs, the elements of the budget and expenditure categories. 

Figure 1 identifies three main entrances to the health system: human resources, physical capital and consumables. It also shows how financial resources to purchase these tickets are for both capital investment and recurrent nature. As in other industries, investment decisions in health are important because they are generally irreversible: they commit large sums of money to the places and activities that are difficult if not impossible, to cancel, close or downsize. 

Both the number and cost of health and social care use (medications, prostheses and disposable equipment) are rising astronomically, which in turn can dramatically increase health costs and social welfare. In publicly funded systems, expenditures in this area may affect the ability to recruit and maintain effective professional. In both systems financed by the government and paid by the employer, the practices of human resource management should be developed to find the proper balance of labor supply and the ability of professionals to perform effectively and efficiently. A doctor without proper tools is as inefficient as to have the tools without the doctor. Key questions and issues relating to human resources in health and social care 

Some of the most important issues to be discussed in detail including the size, composition and distribution of health and social care staff, training issues for workers, the migration of health workers, the level of economic development of a particular country and socio-demographic, geographic and cultural factors. 

HR professionals face many obstacles in their attempt to deliver high quality health and social assistance to citizens. Some of these constraints include budgets, lack of congruence between the values ??of different stakeholders, "rates of absenteeism, high turnover rates and low morale of health personnel. 

A better use of the spectrum of health and social care providers and better coordination of patient services through interdisciplinary teamwork have been recommended as part of health sector reform. Since all the medical and social care is ultimately dictated by the people, effective management of human resources play a vital role in the success of health sector reform. Methods 

To have a more global context, we examined the health and social care systems of Canada, the United States, Germany and several developing countries. Data collection was achieved through secondary sources such as the Canadian Health Coalition, the National Coalition on Health and Social Care and the World Health Organization Regional Office for ...
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