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The options for "Improving services" and "best practices" for a social care service users

The options for "Improving services" and "best practices" for a social care service users


Aspiration to spend our lives in a healthy, tolerant, fair, safe, prosperous and peaceful society is innate in every human being. Enabling vulnerable people and helping them to take necessary part in the achievement of this goal, to play an active role in the society, and be productive comes under the category of Social work.

In this essay, improvements in these services and the best practices for people with mental health problems are discussed. Improvement in every walk of life is a necessity of modern world, regarding social services significant challenges are; Growth and change in the needs and demands, up gradation and vital changes in the social care structure, the pressure exerted on its because of the scarcity of resources i.e. to make the best out of limited resources, and dealing with the unrealistic expectations from social work.


Good Mental Health:

A good mental health can be defined as a feeling of satisfaction with life, and that relates to being able to come up with solutions to the problems that might occur in the process of life. Feeling our life worthwhile, finding it meaningful and that we are fulfilling the needs of our life with full potential, all comes in the mental wellbeing.

Our perception of wellbeing is affected in a number of ways that includes, the physical state that we are in, the working status and the work nature, relationships that we have with people. Some factors included in our mental wellbeing if divided into parts would be: Physical health, Hopes & dreams, Family & friends, Education & Learning, Meaningful activity, financial security, Supportive environment, Spirituality.

Improvements for the social services and best practices

Communication and Relationships

One should always work in coordination with the people that are using the health services and their families. An atmosphere of optimism and hope should be created while offering help and treatment. Building trust, support, and empathy based relationships and taking time doing so, should be the fundamental part of the care system. While working with the users of mental health services, one should be identifiable and approachable; wearing an identity can be an example. Things being told to the users should be communicated in a language that is known to them. There might be people with disabilities, hearing or sight problems and language problems etc, to conclude it, people who need any extra care regarding communication, should be given. For all the users, confidentiality, privacy and dignity should be communicated and limits should be maintained. Properly and comprehensively written information of all the services should be provided to the users.

Working with mental health services is considered to be a stigma and discrimination factor among the users, social service provider should be extra careful on that account.

Access to care

In the beginning process, it is necessary for the social service centre to provide the user with proper information of ...
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