Global Poverty Intervention

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Global Poverty Intervention

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Urban poverty is considered as a multidimensional phenomenon. This sensation requires the urban poor people to live with a number of deprivations and challenges. World Bank is operating as an influential multilateral aid agency whose poverty intervention is having an influence on the whole world. This research paper provides argument to support the research question that what is the significance of World Bank in the urban poverty. The focus of the research is on the policies through which World Bank alleviates the problems of slums and housing. Table of Contents



World Bank: A Mediator for eliminating Urban Poverty3

World Bank Intervention to deal with Urban Poverty4

Programs and Policies of World Bank to alleviate Slums and Housing problems5

Sustainable City Policy and associated results7



Global Poverty Intervention


Poverty serve as one of the major issues that is putting the world economy at stake. The unbearable consequences of poverty provide a nation with long term challenges and therefore, there exists a need of some intervention from the authorities operating at national and global levels. Urban poverty is a dynamic condition of vulnerability and susceptibility to risks ( In the context of urban poverty, slums and housing problems are considered as the major challenges. A huge range of problems have been posed to the developing nations because of the issue of slums. By definition, slums are considered to be the areas in which the residents have to face the difficulty of lack of fundamental resources and capabilities, including adequate living space, problem of sanitation and water supply. A shortage of adequate housing in the urban areas has given birth to problems such as shortage of space, unhealthy living conditions, and unavailability of living space for those who have least amount of resources. A number of concerned authorities have made attempts to identify the solutions to the ascertain problem. World Bank is among those major authorities that have played fundamental role in dealing with the issue of housing and slum upgradation in order to address the element of urban poverty. This research paper is written with an objective to analyze a poverty intervention that fall within the “problem-space” of urban poverty. The intervention selected for the research paper is the policies, practices and programs of World Bank by highlighting the fundamental importance of this authority in mediating and helping the economies to settle the issue of urban poverty.


Understanding urban poverty takes into account a set of issues that seem to be distinct from the general poverty concept. Urban Poverty Analysis can be defined as “the process of gathering, analyzing and presenting information that highlights the condition, location and extent of poverty in a particular city” (Baker & Schuler, 2007). This analysis then aid the concerned authorities (the policy makers, the community members and academics) in generating a profile of the city that helps in answering questions related to the urban poverty, in addition to gathering of appropriate responses.

The issue of urban poverty has seem to be intensive in the Asian and African ...
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