Globalization And Impact Of Western Culture

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Globalization and Impact of Western Culture

Globalization and Impact of Western Culture


Globalization has impacted the cultures around the world. As the transactions between the Western and Non-Western countries increased, the more dominant culture of the West started to replace the native non-Western culture. The result was an internal conflict and dilution of the non-Western culture. The extent and the nature of the change in the cultural practices are interpreted differently by scholars, political analysis and opinion leaders (Precious, 2010).


Examples of Globalization Impact on Cultures

Globalization has impacted numerous non-native Westerns nations and many are in the transitional phase of evaluating their cultural direction. We have identified two native non-Western cultural nations who have adopted and are practicing the Western Culture after globalization. Africa has also been a prime trading hub and countries like Nigeria despite their own rich culture have been very keen in adopting the western culture (Precious, 2010).

Japan was only open to the Dutch traders and when the United States Navy Captain Commodore Perry visited Japan it started trading with United States. The result of this early globalization was coupled with the influence of the Western culture in Japan and they started adopting it and even hired Westerners for teaching Western Cultures and traditions to Japanese. From the luxury, to common life style and fashion, the people of Nigeria have not only embraced the Western culture but prefer to adopt the same in their everyday life. Nigeria was a British colony has been involved in international trade since mid 17th century. The culture of Nigeria before globalization was British influenced and after independence in 1960 unification of different ethnic groups resulted in reduction of conflict among each other. The Western culture influence can been seen in the adaptation of Western clothing, music and other media. The country although a major ...
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