Globalization Impact

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Globalization Impact

Globalization Impact

Globalization is a recent phenomenon, which deeply marks the future economic world, and that will affect developing countries in a way decisive. Many writers and thinkers on the fate of civilization, have been incessantly repeating that the world is moving ever closer, the communications will have a major impact on patterns of life of the country that access to information will determine the development of nations, that mayor world has become a global village and that knowledge will be the largest resource nations. The reality is that economic globalization is no longer a theory, or a possible path of the economy and the market, but a specific event that is changing fully the economic strategies of all nations, redefining international relations and creating new and powerful cultural patterns.

The economic purpose that inspired globalization is, without a doubt, the economic growth of the business class, but there is evidence that question of human development plays a major role in the movement now rush to float all over the world. As such, globalization can be a good strategy for accumulating wealth, but those riches are primarily for the few and not part of any policy designed to development of a community or population.

Globalization is a clear interference in matters of the economy, meeting, politics, culture, behavior, without esteem little political borders. Of sovereign States or belonging to a specific country, or to a particular State, and without the need for government action.

Impacts of Globalization on USA:

One of the most paradoxical features of globalization today is that, far from leading to employment growth, it relies instead on downsizing in both the private and public sector.

Depletion- We are witnessing now the rise of a double phenomenon: the growing gap between rich and poor countries on the one hand, that of increasing between rich and poor within all countries that do not provide specific measures to counter the effects of depletion on the other (Hanahoe, 2003).

Financial crises- The Asian crisis that threatens America are directly related to a specific aspect of globalization, one that is identified as the globalization of markets and, in particular, the globalization of financial markets and speculative. This crisis was caused in 1997 by massive outflows of capital made ??by international private investors seeking higher returns but chilly at the slightest uncertainty.

The deterioration of the environment- Because of the deregulation of markets and because of one-upmanship going on between governments to attract investment at any price abroad, we are currently witnessing an overexploitation of natural resources renewable and non-renewable, as well as a sharp deterioration environment.

The military and militarization- Contrary to what is sometimes suggested a complacent view of the role of peacemaker markets, it remains that the extension of the law of supply and demand in all sectors of economies and societies is not without recourse to force and coercion. It is therefore not surprising that spending on military spending is currently rising (Lechner, 2009).

From the economic point of view the process called globalization political, economic, social and ...
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