Globalization In Japan

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Globalization in Japan


The Japanese economy stagnated in the 1990s, partly because of an inability of governments to reform the banking system, such reforms have been implemented until after 1998. Japan is the country's gross public debt 3 ( * ), about 160% of GDP is highest in the OECD. As in some Western countries, the government says can reduce the deficit by only control spending, which some observers consider unrealistic, especially given the aging population, which drives costs up. (Sugimoto 63)


Globalization means a Deepen foreign economic relations in general and ?, and globalization, we will intensify cross- border movement of capital and labor, goods and services trade and trade through the world by increasing foreign investment in means of deepening economic ties(Sugimoto 27). In this study, in this sense "globalization" is used. The World Bank globalization "freedom and ability can start trading with other nations economy voluntarily by individuals and firms" are defined as . This "freedom" is that nothing is blocking the movement of capital and labor across borders, "ability" to provide services and goods across the border to other countries or economic activities ability of means. Looking back, well developed communication skills and ability to finance, insurance and transportation and communication, and globalization can be removed by the political obstacles to trade and capital movements, such as income, it is began to be considered by the deepening economic relationship further increase levels. Thus globalization is the movement to bring economic development. Process of globalization is basically the same process and the division of labor going to progress in a country. It is possible to further division of labor by raising the income levels realize the virtuous cycle of economic growth (Oguma 22). To make this possible and enjoy the goodness of the liberal economy is gradually subsumed the global economy. If you stand in the position of consumers, enabling you to select high quality goods and services cheaper, better living standards. In recent years globalization has influenced a new innovation in the field of information processing and transmission of information via the Internet and other computer.

These are features that improve the financial and other services. These technologies are an ideal way to innovate and change in economic activity so far has considered the possibility of increasing globalization and global scale will be instant financial transactions around the economy. In order to enjoy the benefits of globalization, to encourage innovation in business without delay, and adapt quickly to plan economic and social response to technological innovation, the failure to remove, to develop human resources appropriate to their and it becomes necessary(McVeigh 25). Structural reforms are important structural reforms in international economic relations and which are stimulate the domestic economy shows that it is also important to bring out the benefits of globalization in the process. In other words, will be fully functional market mechanisms, and improving productivity broadly, is a major objective of structural reforms that move to high field from the fields with low productivity and other ...
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