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Good life

Good life


Ibelieve persons should live, and the Necessities to do so. This quote is from Buddha "Do not dwell in the past; do not illusion of the future, focus the mind on the present moment". Ibelieve this a good extract that shows how I and other persons should reside, because if you dwell in the past on relationships, or things that you did for too long you won't be able to move forward in life which is required if you desire to make new relationships, and if you illusion of what the future will bring to you too often you'll overlook what is at hand, it's best to aim on what you are doing. Ibelieve that People need 5 things to reside a happy and thriving life. The first thing that people need is widespread sense so that they can know what's right and wrong. Common sense is an significant thing because it is what we use to make good decisions. The second thing that persons need to reside a good life is support from others because it assists you get through hard times in life. (Waterfield, 2009)

Without it you'll have a hard times and no one to help you through them. The third thing I thing people need is a good mind-set so that they can get along with others. This will help you get somewhere by being nice to others, because if you're always being negative, nobody will want to be around you which can cause a hard time at getting a job, which will keep you from being successful. The fourth thing persons need is a rudimentary information so that you can get a diploma, go to school and get a high end job and become successful and wealthy in life. Without a rudimentary education the colleges you desire to go to won't desire you because you don't have the requirements. The fifth, and last thing people need is love because it is what drives us to do everything we do. People need this most so that they have certain thing to help them get through life. But love is much more important than just having others support you. It displays somebody personally cares for you.

These 5 things are what I believe are needed the most to reside a life effectively and be happy. I believe people should live doing what makes them and others happy and allows you to enjoy your life. The reason why people should live like this is that if you have a job or do something that you like you won't end up turning to alcohol or drugs to feel good about yourself. But when you are doing something you don't enjoy and you're unhappy you could eventually turn to using drugs and alcohol which can end with you jail or even dead. If you do something that you like to do and are good at it you will eventually be able to enjoy your life and ...
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