Google Mission And Value Statement

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Google Mission and value statement

Google Mission and value statement

"Google Vision statement Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" (

Google's task is encapsulated in the SEC filing assertion “to direct the world's knowledge …. And make it generally accessible and useful”.

Google clarifies that it trusts that the most effectual, and eventually the most lucrative, way to achieve our task is to put the wants of our users first. Offering a high-quality customer understanding has commanded to tough word-of-mouth endorsement and tough traffic growth.

Read farther particulars on the society and ethics of Google in their Ten Things Manifesto. Notable tenets of the Google point of scenery are:

   1. Focus on the customer and all other will follow.

   2. it's best to perform one thing truly, truly well.

   3. You can make wealth without performing evil-minded (the founders are well famous and chastised for establishing this statement).(

Putting users first is mirrored in three key consignments demonstrated in the Google SEC filings: “1. we will perform our best to give the most pertinent and practical explore effects probable, unconnected of fiscal incentives. Our explore effects will be aim and we will not accept compensation for insertion or position in them.

   1. We will perform our best to give the most pertinent and practical advertising. Advertisements should not be a bothering interruption. If any constituent on a explore effect piece of paper is effected by compensation to us, we will make it clear to our users.

   2. We will not ever finish toiling to enhance our customer understanding, our explore technical knowledge and other valued environs of knowledge organization”.

In the Google Annual SEC filings (the best source of knowledge on Google's approach and worth proposition), the financial gathering clarifies “How We Provide Value to ...
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