Graduate Labour Market

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Graduate Labor Market

Graduate Labor Market


In the current labor market, conditions began to be in high demand of professionals who are older than 35 years as young or the new graduates take time to get settled in the work. Before the crisis, companies like Tesco have concentrated on the programs of employment of students and graduates. In people under the age of 25 years have seen the prospects for the company like Tesco and pay them could be less than experienced professionals. Moreover, what is happening now can be called a process of natural selection. The company aims not primarily at the prospect, and to ensure that to survive today. Therefore, for modern students of senior courses and graduates need to understand the changing market situation and the ability to adapt to them. Lowering their ambitions will be important to look around to watch changes in the labor market. In other words, the essential flexibility and willingness to work in a related profession and not at all in the specialized is a requirement of the current labor market. But about half of college graduates in June 2010 joined the growing camp of the unemployed, besides it the Government has adopted a program to support employment of graduates but the experts from the hospitality industry which include Tesco believe it is an ineffective program.


The perception of employers on the employability of graduates in Europe

With the increasing mobility, particularly in Europe, employers have revised their selection criteria in recruiting top talent beyond borders. The technical criteria are not the only ones which can be factored into the choice of a candidate's skills such as ability to work as a team, adaptation to new situations and schools communication are now essential for an employer. (Kirpal, 2010) For the graduate who seeks employment, competition is no longer just national but European as 28% of employers has recruited graduates from other European countries which include 18% of other continents. In addition to this, knowledge of foreign languages ??is therefore a criterion which is increasingly considered by employers like Tesco which belongs to the hospitality industry. Furthermore, the specialization courses provide work experience for students that give them a better employment because in Tesco 20% weighted is given to this factor and consider it as a major asset while recruiting.


Employability of Graduates

Employability is the central goal of higher education. Task of universities include competence oriented and labor-market that should be relevant to design their study programs and their graduates in an optimal preparation for professional life. The employability of graduates is a key issue for the future of graduates. It secures the individual optimum employment opportunities while ensuring the attractiveness of the Economy. Universities and companies must work intensively to develop courses relevant labor market and thereby to ensure the employability of graduates and improve. The policy is required to ensure the autonomy of universities and further strengthen the competitive profile. (Vranken, 2005)

Labor Market Relevant Skills

Scientific problem solving is the core of ...
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