Graduate Labour Market

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Research into the Graduate Labour Market

Research into the Graduate Labour Market


This paper will be discussing and analyzing the research for the Graduate labour market. Theme of this paper is to explore the model of self development and self-evaluation. This paper contains two parts; part 1 is a critical review of the skills I developed in BKEY401 last year. This is intended to focus mind on what I have developed as a starting point for developing new skills this year. Part 2 is a critical review of literature available related to employment in chosen sector of the employment/self-employment market. The main focus of the research is on the critical review of the skills I developed in BKEY401 course last year and its relation with “self learning about the changing concepts and behaviour of employment”.

The research also analyzes many aspects of motivation, and the qualities that a talented manager should have, and tries to gauge its effect on overall learning experience that I had in my internship. Finally, the research describes various factors which are responsible, for of literature available related to employment in chosen sector of the employment/self-employment market, and tries to describe the overall effect of my personal experiences on it (Patton, 2001: 329).

The aim of this assignment is to evaluate our critical skills knowledge, and aptitudes that are required for you to work successfully within your chosen field of employment /self-employment. This will help us to make successful applications to employers or clients and establish ourselves firmly for early career development.

Having recently completed an internship in marketing, I want to hold a position in the marketing field. In addition, the proposed position offers autonomy, real responsibilities and interaction with many people (McKinsey, 2001: 21). Indeed, direct link between the company and distributors, the function needs to develop and optimize products in the presence of linear and ensure their availability in stock. All these elements make this post, which is a daily challenge, an exciting opportunity.  I am self motivated to complete my studies and start my career as a professional marketing player.

I followed the training allowed me to acquire business skills and managerial skills that I want to provide you with service and develop your skills and your proven methods. Dynamic, involved and having acquired the meaning of the initiatives during my internship and my experiences outside work, I am determined to get involved and contribute fully to the success of your business. 

PART 1: A Critical Review of the Skills You Developed In BKEY401 Last Year

This section will be entailing the critical review of the skill I acquired while completing my BKEY401course last year.

BKEY 401 Courses and Its Structure

BKEY 401 is professional competence development course. The skills approach brings new challenges for teachers, is not the same "to explain a topic" to facilitate the conditions necessary to assist students to develop professional skills planned, just as we can not accept the claim that " taught "in a model of professional competence as" assessments "focus on the traditional written or oral ...
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