Graphic Design And Technology

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Graphic Design and Technology


The topic covers all whereabouts of graphic designing and the impacts of technology over the purpose, improvement and development of the entire idea, focus and innovations occurring in the era of graphic designing. The paper curtails all odds of technological inferences and ideas that may submerge in the graphic design section, making it one of the most leading fields and area of expertise, thereby making it one of the most advanced fields currently active and functioning in the industry around the globe.


Fig. 1: Cave Drawings


In the current era of high-tech gadgets, gizmos and all technologies, going under continuous development, spread and iterated improvement occurring by the second, graphic designing and technology is an entire entity round the globe.

Graphic design and technology work hand-in-hand together to make progress regarding promotions to do, deals to make and ultimately helping individuals to apply the hybrid of principles in an innovative, multidisciplinary atmosphere that integrates learning and opportunities in a flexible, technology-rich environment.

From designing billboards and banners to extremely sensitive presentations, proposals and clusters and hybrids of color schemes and palettes, graphic designing holds broad scope and focus regarding future happenings that may take place. This paper focuses definition, use, advantages and purpose of graphic designing.


Fig. 2: Tomb of Tutankhamen

Before discussing the role of graphic designing, let us briefly eye the inception and preamble of graphic designing as to how it all began. The very first piece made by the first man on Earth initiate and marked the beginning of graphic designing; the very first bit was sketched and drawn over caverns and caves, that comprises demonstrations of people, the sun, moon, animals, several paintings depicting daily happenings or futuristic predictions. These were the primary forms of work done and usually made through rich colors such as red, rusts, brown and other earthy tones.

The term Graphic designing was first coined by sir William Addison Dwiggins in the early 20th century, which marked a finer initiation and growth of the process. The earliest pieces of art and drawing dates over six thousand years; even the most scientific, complex, geometrical and state-of-the-art historical infrastructures built, such as the Egyptian pyramids show history, culture and civilization that dates back to almost five thousand years before.

Fig 3: The Valley of the Dead

The paintings engraved, carved and sectioned over these buildings have been a mystery for all this time; several entities, archaeologists and authors have served their entire lives in studying the graphical representation, its ebbs and flows, etc. in the midst of understanding the history, the stories and the philosophy of its establishment.

Johannes zur Laden zur Guttenberg

The era of Guttenberg is usually labeled as the timeline that marked the invention and practice of graphic designing. His first vocation, called the 'Incunabula' gave a notion of graphic designing and uplifted its value and identity in that timeline. The work done and intended by Guttenberg were considered ...
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