How Graphic Design Communicates With Society: Flowers As Inspirations And Aesthetics Of Graphic Design

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How Graphic Design Communicates With Society: Flowers as inspirations and aesthetics of Graphic design

Table of Contents


Background of the Study1

Problem Statement1

Purpose Statement3

Rationale for the Project3


Flowers as Aspirations and Aesthetics for Visual Design4

Graphic Design5

Flowers for the Communication of Messages7




Background of the Study

Communication plays a vital role in our society. It is considered to be a mean of communicating information. Graphics allow people to communicate information graphically; therefore, it is considered to be an important and relevant skill. Graphic communication permeates in all spheres of life including commerce, education, and industry. In the global markets, graphic communication is considered to be a medium which is vital in all aspects of life. The development of graphic skills and interpretation is of broad educational value (Aldrich & Sheppard, 2000, pp. 8). 

Flowers are considered to be aspirations and aesthetics of visual design.  It is because individuals receive several messages from flowers. When considering flowers as aesthetics and aspirations of visual design, it is important to take into consideration the audience of the visual design. Since flowers are used to communicate special messages with the audience, they are helpful in devising and communicating effective visual messages (Barnard, 2005).

 Problem Statement

Graphic communication has influenced our society through several ways. Every day, individuals are bombarded with information which contains graphic content for instance, marketing messages, paintings, and others. According to different studies, the retention of information is higher in graphic communication than other forms of communication (Anning, 2003, pp. 35).

Our society has become very reliant on communicating information. Graphic communication has long been present in our society. The importance of graphics has also been recognized in the field of businesses. It is because of this reason that a large number of companies are using graphics in order to communicate effective message to customers (Balchin, 1976, pp. 1).

The advancements in the information technology and visual communication techniques have made graphic communication and outcomes available everywhere. These advancements have made it very easy to communicate and distribute graphic information. The current era is one in which the importance of graphic communication cannot be denied. Therefore, it is important to determine the impact of graphic communication on the society.

Flowers play an important role in adding appeal and aesthetics to visual designs. Therefore, this research will also explore flowers ability to add aesthetics and appeal to visual designs.

The current environment has provided several opportunities to graphic designers. They are provided with several opportunities to plan, create, and communicate visual messages. The print and electronic media has allowed them to express their ideas freely. Graphic designers also utilize their skills in developing the layout and overall design of magazines and newspapers (Bostic, 2010, pp. 423).

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this research is to determine how graphic design communicates with the society. This research will also determine the aesthetics and aspirations of visual messages. 

Rationale for the Project

This study will determine how graphic design communicates with our society. The study will also link flowers with the aesthetics of graphic ...
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