Graphic Design-Proposal

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Graphic Design-Proposal


This paper is based on the topic of “The design work you are currently doing is unoriginal and irrelevant”. In this paper, I have presented a reflection of my own work and I am confident enough to say that my work is original. In the second part, I have discussed the themes of my work, while the last section presents my experience and statement of purpose of being interested in becoming a graphic designer.

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Graphic Design-Proposal


I believe persons get bewildered between art and design. Art is an individual expression of certain thing and doesn't have to have a purpose at all - other than to articulate that individual view. Design on the other hand is purposeful. Ultimately we conceive for other persons, not to express what we, us feel. We conceive for these persons so they can make money. We have to play the mediator between the purchaser and their buyers, using our skills in the best likely way to broadcast the notes that will help sell products or services.

The issue is this - if we are too original in our work a) our purchasers won't buy it and b) if our clients did purchase it their purchasers won't purchase it. The end outcome is no cash and no clients.

However afresh if we easily exact replicate styles then we will then be done for robbing - afresh the end result is not good. Mike Davidson has an intriguing mail on this in writing in 2005 called uniqueness in Logo Design. His item best features the matters of attempting to be original in logo design and it appears to me, he eventually arrives to the conclusion that it is effectively unrealistic to be absolutely original in a design.

If it is so significant that each design is original, why do we so numerous copied ideas and replicated designs? I blame the internet. Don't get me wrong-I wholeheartedly love the internet. I love to see designers involved on twitter, facebook, on their individual blogs, etc. But I believe that the enormity and attractiveness of the conceive community are a two-edge sword. While numerous sites offer large tutorials on how to be a good designer, their underlying note is frequently misunderstood. You glimpse, as designers follow tutorials, they should discover techniques that will help them as they progress in their career. Instead, a large most of designers start to exact replicate, pixel for pixel, every tutorial's conceive and assertion it as their own.

So my outlook on this is that as a designer you need to stay up to date with current trends. One need to understand what is generally acceptable and what has been done before. Within these boundaries (which you can push from time to time) you make a stab at a design. I always keep the end buyer in mind and have had to admit that occasionally fundamental concepts do not habitually fit the ...
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