Green Computing Project In Information Technology

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Green Computing Project in information technology


This research paper includes the evaluation of project on the green computing in information technology. The research paper will include the description of green computing in information technology along with the methods needed to plan, maintain, evaluate, monitor, and control the project.





Green Computing Technology6

Role of Project Manager7

Green Computing Project Management7

Green Computing Project Management Process8

Project Stages11

Managing Project Lifecycle12




Control Issues16

Steps to implement green computing17

Proclaim Green computing intentions18

Appointing work group to ensure Green computing information technology compliance18

Measuring carbon foot prints produced through information technology components19

Planning of centralized information technology operations19

Efficient use of computer applications19

Green computing enhances business performance20

Project Management's Knowledge Areas20

Project Integration Management20

Project Cost Management20

Project Quality Management24

Project Communications Management24

Project Risk Management25



Green Computing Project in information technology


The purpose of this paper is to evaluate a project on green computing in information technology which will protect the environment from the impacts of green computing and would evaluate the methods that could reduce the power consumption and energy consumption. The project will also focus to save the revenues along with the reduction of cost by the implementation of this project.

Today's rapidly changing technological and business environment has given multiple benefits to businesses and changed the way of managing projects. There is no doubt about the fact that green computing project in information technology may allow businesses to improve their ability to make decisions related to IT investments, plan their projects in an efficient way and control projects leading it towards the progress of meeting goals along with the efforts towards the environmental sustainability. Green computing Project management includes planning a project, implementing, controlling and identifying tasks and goals towards green computing in information technology which are to be achieved. This paper is developed as a need towards understanding the organizational development and securing environmental concerns through this project. The paper summarizes the concept of the Green computing project and its management and role towards the Information Technology industry. It involves the ideas and processes utilized for green computing project evaluation, selection, planning fundamentals, cost control and the scheduling of a project along with the environmental sustainable methods utilizing critical methods (CPM) which are crucial for contemporary technology-intensive organizations globally.

The project will evaluate with the selection of project manager who is responsible to form a project team and develop project charter. Project manager is also responsible to plan the project according to needs of an organization by developing traceability matrix, preparing scope statement, preparing work break down structure. Identifying the risks and prioritizing them is also a responsibility of a project manager to consider while planning a project. Risk management issues are discussed that are undertaken by a project manager so as to evaluate an effective green computing project.


This project has been evaluated as a growing need to save the environmnet and to reduce the power and energy usage being made by the different computing techniques in information technology. However, our interest would be recognition of green computing as a best activity to achieve our goals in reducing the impact on ...
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