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Grief Annotated Bibliography

Grief Annotated Bibliography

Flannelly KJ? Galek K? Bucchino J? et al. Department directors' perceptions of the roles and functions of hospital chaplains Noun 1. hospital chaplain - a chaplain in a hospital chaplain - a clergyman ministering to some institution : a national survey. Hosp Top 2005;83:19-27.

In a national survey of over 1?000 directors of nursing? chaplaincy? social work and medical services? all groups rated "Grief and Death?" "Prayer?" and "Emotional Support?" as significant functions of hospital chaplains. The remaining Chaplain services ("Religious Services?" "Consultation and Advocacy?" "Community Relations 1. The relationship between military and civilian communities.

The authors suggest that educating the hospital staff about the extended training of hospital chaplains would lead to greater appreciation of the capabilities of chaplains and better utilization of these professionals in providing holistic care to patients when more traditional healthcare personnel are finding less time available to provide emotional support and counseling.

Flannelly KJ? Handzo GF? Weaver AJ? et al. A national survey of healthcare administrators' views on the importance of various chaplain roles. J Pastoral Care Counsel 2005:59:87-96.

A random sample of hospital administrators strongly endorsed chaplains' activities in caring for the spiritual needs of patients? families and staff. This was true of administrators regardless of whether they supported a Pastoral Care Department (n = 180) or not (n = 182). Support was higher among those who supported such a department. Administrators and Pastoral Care Directors (n = 132) ranked conducting religious services? rituals and worship among the least important of chaplain functions. Providing emotional support to staff ranked in the second tier of chaplain roles for all groups.

City (pop.? 2000: 8?008?278)? southeastern New York? at the mouth of the Hudson River. The largest city in the U.S. . Psychooncology 2003;12:760-768.

The most common coping strategy of cancer patients is prayer. Over a three-year interval? nearly one-fifth (19.8%? 19.0% and 20.8%? respectively) of all of the chaplains' initial contacts resulted from referrals. Nurses made almost a quarter of all referrals and more than three quarters (82.3%) of the total number of referrals came from hospital staff. Nearly a third (32.3%) of referrals came directly from either the patients themselves or from the families of patients.

Weir SM. Grief and Critical Care Nursing: Occurrence and Resolution? J Pastoral Care Counsel 2005;59:237-246.

Programs addressing grief and grief resolution need to be varied according to according to prep. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians. In keeping with: according to instructions. the staff and unit involved. Spirituality was found to be helpful in 91% of staff members who responded? 76% of whom reported having been changed by their experience of grief? and 82% of whom said that they resolved their grief within the course of one day. At the same time? virtually all respondents reported having some unresolved grief.

VandeCreek L. How satisfied are patients with the ministry of chaplains? J Pastoral Care Counsel 2004;58:335-342.

Patients are satisfied with the ministry of chaplains? as reported by a satisfaction survey of 1?440 patients from 14 ...
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