Grow Model Of Coaching

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GROW Model Of Coaching

GROW Model Of Coaching

When you enter the world of coaching know you should have a strong will, you should be aware of your benefits but also your disadvantages. You should be able to make something positive of these disadvantages will serve you in life and, although difficult to see, in fact it's when you know how to attack the problem On coaching in Spain is still not much matter, experience or information that you provide a percentage of success or failure but about America. You've seen some articles, books or statistics on the importance of a good coach by your side and that's why we want to show you one of the models commonly used coaching(Whitmore, 1997, pp., 125 ).

The same is the GROW model. This is a model where each letter that makes up the word (which, of course, growing up in Spanish), has a clear meaning as well as an approach to questions one has to be done at all times. So, you have:

1. G. Goal (goal). In this case as the word indicates, it comes to finding what is the goal that moves you, that is, they aspire to.

2. R. Reality (reality). It refers to be objective as to know what the situation where you are at that moment and what you need to reach your goal or objective.

3. O. Options (options). Closely linked to the above, the options relate to possible solutions or ways you can take to shorten the distance that separates you from the goal or objective. Not just to know these options, you also have to juggle the pros and cons of them to know which of them would be viable and why others do not.

4. W. Will (Will). This perhaps is the most difficult because you have to do is carry out a plan of action is best, with all the options you have chosen and, of course, your will that we'll never get out to comply without the beaten path.

Grow the method is based on essentially the same steps that we used to define the method to act. So what is to always:

Define goal or objective.

Analyze the current situation.

Shuffle the choices we have.

Make a plan of action and carry it out.

Of course, this method is mainly based on the importance of willpower. Do not you know it better than you needed to reach the goal that you have raised, nor you know what you have to do to get it if you do not want to put what you want and try to reach it. As the saying goes, "who wants something it costs something." (Whitmore, 1994, Pp 73)

The "GROW" model consists of a sequence of questions in four areas (see figure):

Goal Setting

At the beginning of the coaching session, the objective of this session is established. Here is one possible concrete goal sought, for example, the preparation of a monthly planner, make decisions, set a budget, ...
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