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CIPD: HR Profession, Skills and Behaviours

CIPD: HR Professions, Skills and Behaviours

The Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours to be Effective in an Identified HR or L&D Role

Professional Areas

Learning and Talent development

A learning and development executive ensure that people in the organization is be able to develop the experiences, knowledge and skills in order to attain shot term and long term goals of the organization (

Organizational Development

The role of the OD, according to CIPD, is to ensure that the firm's environment, culture and values enhance and support organizational performance and flexibility. The department provides leadership and insights on execution of change and cultural activities. This area is responsible for:

Organisation Change

Culture Development



Curious behaviour means showing proactive interest in the eternal and internal environment and in continuous development of everyone at organization. There should be a willingness to enquire and learn.

Decisive Thinker

As a decisive thinker, a person should demonstrate the ability to understand by analyzing information quickly. It includes ability to analyze insights, knowledge and information through judging wisely to enhance decision making.

Skilled Influencer

As a skilled Influencer, a person should have the ability to influence and gain commitment in complex situations.

Driven to Deliver

Driven to deliver means a strong and consistent bias to action. It includes ability to take responsibility for actions and results, as well as, ability to plan, monitor performance, and accountability.


Collaborative individuals work inclusively and effectively with teams, customers, stakeholders, clients, colleagues and other both outside and within the firm.

Personally Credible

Personally credible individuals can build a record of valued and reliable delivery through experience and technical expertise and maintains integrity in work.

Courage to Challenge

Courageous people show confidence and courage to speak up and challenge, when they face unfamiliar situations.

Role Model

Role models are leaders, who lead by example. They act with sound personal judgments, impartiality and independence, and integrity (

My Professional Area

The professional area which I have chosen is the learning and Talent development. As a learning and development executive, I must ensure that people in my organization will be able to develop the experiences, knowledge and skills in order to attain shot term and long term goals of our organization. I should be able to motivate them to learn, apply and grow. I would require the knowledge in key following areas.


Career development execution and proposition

Learning and development activity

The Activities and Behaviours for Learning and Development Area


The most important activity of talent development is developing talent at work and understanding the importance of talent management. The talent manager should develop talent at work from internal as well as the external environment. Talent manager should conduct employee survey on a periodic basis to keep track of the employees' perception of the organization. Another activity involves monitoring the opinion of the new employees and raising talent motivation. This department should encourage people and make them feel valued. The department should arrange activities and events through which people can come up with creative ideas. The talent should be communicated and made aware of the goals of the organization so that each ...
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