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Gulfport Transit

Gulfport Transit

Answer 1:

The performance issues at Gulfport that should be identified by CEO Barges are evaluation of the employees' performance, proper monitoring of the performance and recognizing the performance of the employees to increase employee motivation and satisfaction. It is certainly true that if an organization wants high level of employee performance from its employees, it should work on creating high level of job satisfaction. In this context, it is imperative to state that the level of satisfaction and the factors that will lead to job satisfaction differ from one employee to another ( One person may be looking for the material reward and the other may be looking for acknowledgment and appreciation for his hard work. The underlying objective of any measures taken by the organization to enhance the overall level of employee satisfaction in the organization should be to align the goals of the individual employees with the goals of the organization.

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is an extremely difficult activity of human resource management. Organizations often use performance assessments for several reasons: to provide feedback to the employee, which can then recognize and enhance their strengths and work on their weaknesses, to determine wage increases, people for promotion and to meet legal aspects of human resources (Beckhardt & Harris, 2007). As such, they provide a written record in order to defend against lawsuits for unfair dismissal and act as a formal warning system for marginal employees.

Measuring and Monitoring Performance

The management of people implies many strategies, which were 100 % commission based earlier. The system managed recruitment selection, also performance of their work. Their non-performance was also monitored by the system generated software that could assess acceptable performance levels and can tackle non-performers. In this case, the technicians lost their entrepreneurial enthusiasm as they felt that there is no recognition for their work through the system because it was all automated. People have different expectations from their workplace. While they feel their bad performances should go unnoticed, they require reinforcement and recognition for exemplary work. Their productivity should certainly not be denied. In this case, the management finds hard to devise strategies and systems that offer such mechanisms of recognition and management of impressive performance (Alshawi et al, 2000).

Recognition of the Higher Rate Performances

A proper employee appraisal system should be implemented in any organization so that it represents true and fair picture of employee performance. There should be a uniform system of performance appraisal all over the world. In order to implement the performance appraisal system in any organization, the organization must lay down a set of value called mission statement and goal system. With keeping in mind the mission and goal, the organization must implement an appraisal system. The organization should manage resources that make use of both internal and external environments (Eby et al, 2000).

Benefits of Performance Evaluation

The fundamental objectives of performance evaluation can be presented in three phases:

Allow measurement conditions of human potential in the sense of establishing its full ...
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