Harmful Effects Of Hydroxcut

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Harmful Effects of Hydroxcut

Harmful Effects of Hydroxcut


Hydroxycut is a dietary supplement manufactured by Iovate Health Sciences. The Hydroxycut products appear in various forms such as rapid-release caplets, drink packets, and carb-control supplements. Hydroxycut products claim to aid in weight loss by increasing metabolism and suppressing hunger. However, after speculation about safety and reported health problems linked to the product, the Food and Drug Administration issued a recall. In 2009, Iovate recalled all Hydroxycut products from the market. The FDA has not been able to pinpoint which ingredients in Hydroxycut are directly related to health injuries, as research into the problem is ongoing.

When it comes to choosing and using dietary supplements, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends starting with a healthy dose of skepticism. The FDA has concerns regarding the side effects these supplements can produce, made worse by underlying health conditions of which you may or may not be aware. On May 1, 2009, the FDA issued a consumer warning regarding the potentially fatal side effects of a dietary supplement called Hydroxycut. Hydroxycut powder, included in the warning, contains a number of ingredients that, in combination, have the potential to produce serious side effects. (Ano 2009)

The gaining popularity of this supplement is because it can be used for long periods of time without any negative side effects.  The benefits of hydroxycut are two-fold.  You can safely and confidently pop this diet pill till you reach your targeted goal and stop using it without any withdrawal symptoms.  Start when you want and discontinue when you want without any drastic effects.

Hydroxycut has proved to be effective for men, women, athletes, body builders, and for anyone who has morbid obesity and wants to look lean, smart, and impressive.  Studies have proved that with hydroxycut you can lose more fat than what you lose with liposuction surgery.  This is the reason that people of all walks of life are switching over to hydroxycut.  You can lose weight with ease without anesthesia, drugs, sutures, or hospital admission.  Hydroxycut is a safe and secured route towards fat burning and works on scientific principles to give optimum weight loss without compromising on energy levels. (Fong et al 2010)

Liver Problems

Liver problems are what initially prompted the FDA to issue a product warning concerning Hydroxycut. While the FDA could not specify the ingredients causing these problems, 23 reports including jaundice and elevated liver enzymes---one problem severe enough to require a liver transplant, and one death due to liver failure---were evidence enough to issue the warning. Symptoms of liver problems can include nausea, vomiting, light colored stools, excessive fatigue or weakness, stomach pain, itching and loss of appetite. The Food and Drug Administration linked liver injuries and jaundice to people using Hydroxycut. The diet product was recalled after 23 cases of high liver enzyme levels, brown urine, nausea, and abdominal pain were reported to the FDA. The organization found serious health problems linked to the use of Hydroxycut such as liver damage. Liver failure after using Hydroxycut has led ...
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