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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness


The paper attempts to discuss about the importance of nutritional food for personal health and wellness for school going students in a holistic context. It focuses on the economic issues as well as the special health needs for the students. The paper is basically an informative essay about the recent changes that are being made in the breakfast and lunch programs for the purpose of improving nutrition and health of the school going students.

Thesis Statement

“Healthy and nutritional food intake has immense positive contribution towards learning and education for students.”


Nutritional food is as important as breathing fresh air due to the fact that a healthy diet is what is required for the growth and development. Students that are deprived of healthy food, or are too much into junk food not only are more prone to diseases and physical injuries, but they are also found to be less intelligent, smart and sharp in studies (Lewis & Bear, 2010). This is because the functioning of a human brain also requires energy, which is derived from a healthy and nutritional meal. Apart from that, healthy diet not only ensures the proper development of the human brain, but also makes a person physically fit. There are many aspects of health and nutrition; however, the economic issues and special needs like health and fitness are discussed in accordance with nutritional food (McKenzie, Pinger & Kotecki, 2011).

Economic Issues

The economic issues in this context can be linked with the cost of food and the cost people have to bear as doctor fees. Although junk food and fast food like readymade burgers and sandwiches cost less than fresh apple juices and other nutritional foods, they tend to make students fall prey to various infectious diseases (Connolly, 2011). This in turn costs more in the ...
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