Health And Wellness

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Health and Wellness

Measures and definitions of well being varies, there are two silent concepts:

Health and wellbeing is called as the actual health of a person

Health and wellbeing can pertain to psychological, emotional and mental aspects of a person.

In general the term health combines both psychological and physiological symptoms in medical circumstances so, the term health can be an indicator of a person's concern and interest, while well being inclines to be more encompassing and broad notions that takes a whole individual into consideration (Kong, 174)

It's not necessary to that you have to be healthy in order to become wealthy or wealthy in order to have health these both terms go hand in hand. The person who is healthy can work and without health they are not able to be as productive as they could have. If you suffer from a debilitating illness this may affect your ability to accumulate wealth. Not only is the expense of illness a factor, but the ability to contribute in a work environment. (Praeger, 9)

Wealth opens up many opportunities. For example, wealthy people are more likely educated, have health insurance and may even be able to afford a personal trainer and nutritionist. When a wealthy person learns that this cholesterol is too high through their annual visit to the doctor, that person may hire a trainer, a chef and afford to take medications to assist in reducing the cholesterol. (Kong, 174)

The first book is published by Marya Hornbacker named as “Wasted”: she was only 23 years old at that time when she wrote this book.

Childhood (1974-1982)

In this section, Marya writes about her childhood, from her birth until she is eight years old. This is the time in her life before her eating disorders surface. However, Marya writes that it is possibly circumstances during this time in her life that cause her disorder to begin. Even at the age of five, Marya already is feeling the need to be thin. (Walker, 349)

Bulimia - Minnesota (1982-1989)

In this section of Marya's book, she describes the time she spends living with her parents as an adolescent and preteen in Edina, Minnesota. It is at this point in her life that Marya becomes a bulimic. She believed that prayer will calm her, so Marya begins praying constantly. (Praeger, 9)


In the same way Marya uses bulimia to fill her emotional void, she begins to use sex to ...
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