Health Information Technology

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Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology

How is the literature review used in this research?

The healthcare industry of the United States is one of the expensive sectors operating in the country. In addition, it can be stated that the healthcare industry of the United States encounters several concerns that are being improved through the implication of diverse strategies. The adoption of information technology is widely accepted around the globe; however, the acceptance and implication of information technology in the healthcare sector is minimal (Blumenthal, Glaser, 2007, 2527-2534; Shields et al. 2007, 1373-1383; DesRoches et al. 2008, 50-60; Furukawa et al. 2008, 865-875; Jha et al. 2009, 1628-1638).

In addition, it can also be stated that the errors associated with healthcare practice and strategies formulated to cope with these concerns have enhanced the cost of healthcare in the United States (Fernandopulle et al. 2003, 178-190). Literature review is the section in any research study that uses information from previously conducted studies to justify the study variables incorporated in the theoretical framework. There are several factors that influence the dependent variable incorporated in a particular research study; furthermore, the analysis of each and every variable is not possible.

This is the reason due to which researchers take assistance from previously conducted research studies in order to find evidence regarding significance of a particular study variable. The article selected for analysis 'Public Attitudes about Health Information Technology, and Its Relationship to Health Care Quality, Costs, and Privacy' does not incorporated literature review as a separate section. Nonetheless, the evidence to validate the variables of incorporated in this research study has been included in the section of introduction. The introduction section of the selected article is elongated and not only incorporates research purpose and significance along with literary analysis of previously conducted research studies.

The section of introduction in the selected research article is an amalgamation of introductory section and literature review section commonly observed in research studies. Therefore, after careful analysis of the introductory section, it can be stated that this section examines the healthcare sector of the United States. Furthermore, this section enlightens the factors that influence the healthcare sector of the United States. In addition, there are several variables incorporated in this study that have been justified in this section.

According to the analysis of this section, the rise of information technology has tremendous influence on healthcare sector of the country. Moreover, the healthcare organizations operating in the country are striving to use contemporary healthcare technology in order to acknowledge evidence based service. It is believed that information technology not only improves the quality of healthcare services provided but also enhances the performance of people working in healthcare industry. Furthermore, the healthcare system of the United States is striving to incorporate technological practices in the process of healthcare service provision.

What are ethical considerations for data collection?

The data collection method used in the article selected for analysis if telephonic survey. The sample of the study was selected using random-digit-dial approach. This approach incorporated every resident of the United States ...
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