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A few years ago in America emerged with greater intensity the sale and advertising of nutritional supplements designed to enhance the shape and physical condition of the physically active population. This hype was driven mainly by "Health and Education Act Dietary Supplements" (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) established in 1994 in the United States (Sambamurthy, pp. 129), since in this paper clearly defines the category of dietary or nutritional supplement.

Today, nutritional supplements are not considered as food additives or drugs. In the category called "dietary supplements" including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and some botanical preparations. Ergogenic nutrients or nutritional ergogenic aids are also included in this category of dietary supplements. An ergogenic agent is defined in some way helps the athlete has a higher yield. Ergogenic agents help increase muscle tissue, energy and the rate of energy production in muscle.

Studies on feeding practices in the physically active population of other countries, reported ergogenic nutritional supplements are widely used by athletes of different disciplines, both during training and in competition. But there is a problem that should not be left out, and that ignorance and lack of adequate nutritional information, have led consumers to consume in excess ergogenic nutritional products.

Currently in the market is a lot of nutritional ergogenic supplements, among which include: amino acid supplements, branched chain amino acids, creatine, glutamine, L-carnitine and herbal products and food, among others. Although the scientific community has focused its attention on the study of many of the supposed characteristics ergogenic nutrients, yet most published reports promote controversy and confusion about the effectiveness of the use of these products.

Inosine is a nucleoside (a building block for DNA and RNA) found in muscle tissue. Inosine is used by athletes and those who want to improve physical performance. It is an energy supplement whose influence on the quality of physical effort is very important. Inosine is also the precursor of ATP, which is the basic source of energy in our body. The increase in ATP levels allows a longer-term effort. Inosine 500mg causes an immediate production of energy that has a special value in sports of strength, endurance or speed (Dunford & Doyle, pp. 341).

Supplementation of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) Supplementation with branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) is one of the techniques used and studied in the sports field. So far many studies have been conducted to study the effects of BCAA supplementation on physical performance, but far from conclusions about its ergogenic effect, many athletes are using this product without knowledge of their effects on the body. There is information suggesting that BCAA supplementation in trained individuals could improve performance in certain types of exercise, particularly those of high intensity in endurance, strength and high-volume training (Colowick, pp. 402). On the other hand, other studies in healthy subjects do not provide sufficient evidence that the ergogenic effect of oral supplementation of amino acids change the hormonal secretion, the response to training or physical performance.

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