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Over the past decades, there have been significant changes in the technology which have brought an immense affect on the life of people with different disabilities. People who are suffering from the disease of Cerebral Palsy, benefit vastly from what the technology and computers are required to offer. People are getting a lot of benefits from what the technology is offering to such persons that range from medical testing and make them able to attend mainstream school, carry out the daily funcations and tasks (Martin & Rowell, 2005). There are several types of assistive technologies, which are being used by the people with cerebral palsy, among them most common types are; computers, communication boards and wheelchairs. This paper will be focusing on the use of computers by the patients with cerebral palsy.


Cerebral palsy is a condition which is caused by an injury to some of the parts of brain that control the ability to move the muscles and body. The term of Cerebral refers to the situation which means something related to brain, however, Palsy is referred to the problem of using muscles , it may be because of weakness. The injury often occurs before birth, sometimes during delivery or, sometimes son after birth. Cerebral palsy can be mild, moderate, or severe. Mild cerebral palsy may mean that the child is clumsy. If there is a moderate level of cerebral palsy, it means that a person or a child is having problem while walking. There are some other problems as well, as indicated in the case scenario, in which Samantha is having a problem with coordination and muscle spasm, therefore, she was not able to have proper coordination and facing prolems in using mouse and keyboard.

Technology That Can Be Used By Samantha

There are some of the technologies which are very helpful in assisting patients who are suffering with the diseases of cerebral palsy . Such technologies are known as assistive technologies, which are those services, or equipments that are specially designed to improve, enhance and compensation the functions of some of the mental or physical ability which have been impaired. However, in the case scenario, Samantha is facing problems with proper coordination and muscle spasm, which makes it difficult for her to work on computer with normal mouse or keyboard. Every day, there are millions of adults and children with a broad range of limitations and disabilities and have serious problems with using normal computer devices, use such assistive technology devices. Samantha should also go for the assistive technology devices in which she can have number of options for working with assistive mouse and keyboard (

Suggested Computer Keyboard and Mouse for Samantha

In order to overcome the issue of coordination with working through normal keyboard and mouse, Samantha can go for using LOMAK, which is specially designed for the people having disability impairments like cerebral palsy. LOMAK (Light Operated Mouse and Keyboard), this effective innovation of technology enable people with cerebral palsy, carpel tunnel syndrome or quadriplegia ...
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