How Does Technology Affect The Collaboration Among Business Stakeholders

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How does technology affect the collaboration among business stakeholders?

How does technology affect the collaboration among business stakeholders?

As the legitimacy of the interactions between different stakeholders in health care is becoming a priority for government services, the general public and politicians, the medical technology industry is committed to ensuring that his cooperation with vital health care professionals are both transparent and ethical.

Doctors are the main drivers of innovation in the medical technology industry. Because health care professionals (PS) are the primary users of new technology, they play a role in the safe and effective use and dissemination of new technologies.

Now more than ever, however, it is essential to ensure that such productive relationships are based on the highest ethical and professional standards. This is particularly true in the current political climate in which all professionals, auditors, engineers, lawyers and even, is under increasing pressure to demonstrate the existence and the strict application of ethical principles.

MEDICAL technology requires collaboration

Health professionals and the medical technology sector has a symbiotic relationship, especially in the areas of (1) training of research and development (2) and education. The ethical standards are a basic requirement in both.

All stakeholders should see and ensure that the obligations of PS make decisions independent of treatment is respected. Eucomed members recognize and support high ethical standards and compliance with applicable laws. In the future, maintaining public support for such interactions between clinicians and industry depend on the ability to demonstrate the legitimacy of relationships, particularly from public funds are often involved.

While the technology, skills and standards increasingly move beyond the strict national and cultural boundaries, and that the health care system and regulation evolve in the European countries and other continents, there is also a growing need to develop coherent pan-European ...
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