Healthcare Communication Strategy

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Healthcare Communication Strategy

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Communication in the Planning Process


Communication for any organization holds extreme importance and value. It is the single most important factor on which the success of healthcare services depends. Healthcare providers can now use electronic medical records for maintaining patient database and to better serve the patients. With better communications prevailing in healthcare service delivery will improve vastly and cost and time would be safe as well. The health care industry has been regarded as one of the fastest growing industry. Based on the importance of this industry, no wonder the role of effective communication in the form of technology is being utilized greatly in the modern times.


Electronic Medical Records

With the advent of electronic medical records, patient's records are updated continuously. This ensures that patients are well protected, as they get to know about the right medicines for their specific disease (Brooks, R., Grotz, C, 2010). The electronic records will guide patients in changing their lifestyle for better and to get in touch with their medical practitioner so that they have to travel lesser times to their doctors.

Medical practitioners will better understand their patient's needs and will provide effective medication when they will be in constant touch with their service provider. The electronic medical record is easier to formulate and update and cost a low amount for the medical service provider. This is considered to better than email as it better safeguards the privacy of the consumers.

Role of Communication in healthcare Organizations

Effective communication ensures the provision of better medical services for the patients. The medical practitioners and all the medical staff should be well rounded and connected so that best services are provided to the consumers. The patient's health depends greatly on the level of effective communication that prevails in an organization. Patients who believe that their medical practitioner is involved in promoting their well being responds well to the services provided. This guarantees that the whole process of medical treatment is intact and proceeds smoothly (Northouse & Northouse, 1998).

Communication through technology

With the usage of technology there come several benefits and drawbacks both for the consumers and the health service provider. The most common medium of communication with the advent of technology is the communication taking place through emails. As expected many patients and the health care service provider now communicate via emails tom communicate their respective needs.

The usage of internet encompasses ...
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