Healthcare Management / Health Information System

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Healthcare Management / Health Information System


Healthcare management in health institutions is appreciated from different positions simultaneously, which are shown various degrees of responsibility for the nurses as care and management. New management concepts have been introduced in the organization of health services, which emphasizes the need to control traffic facilitating work based on the quality of health care. Healthcare management should focus on the needs of patients in the care system. It is therefore necessary to assume direct responsibility for patient care, family and community. Al Hablar discuss the role of patient activities are affirming that resources to plan, organize taking care services account their views, encouraging participation in decision making can influence the quality of care we provide. Think of the patient as a central service approach implies social human social and health care, not necessarily contradict the increasing use of advanced technologies in health. Through personalized care, humanities and the social approach nurse (a) takes into account the dimensions of human being.

The concept of care has occupied a central position in the literature of health. The care is usually attached to the concept of health considering nursing as the science of care in human experience of health. This approach provides the healthcare sector a social mandate and commitment to caring for people. From a perspective of holistic care is important to consider biological, psychological and social aspects. For this reason health should be seen as a process that is not confined to the "state of complete physical, mental and social, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Given that health is not merely physical condition and exceeds criteria exclusively somatic and organic, neglecting health issues important. Therefore, the holistic support to the person to aim to create holistic health, as well as experience in how harmony and responsibility in managing their lives, of their own resources, their limitations and failures in each of the dimensions: physical, intellectual, relational, emotional and spiritual and religious. For this the actions are aimed at contribute to ensuring the confidence of patients and families, develop the labour. Maximum communication and leadership should be focused for the development of their work.

Healthcare Management / Health Information System


Many believe that e-health stands at the end dealing with the various technical programs and sophisticated in the management of hospitals and medical facilities and just make an appointment with the doctor electronically or check out some information about the hospital via the Internet or having a hospital to integrated systems to manage electronic health information is in itself. Of course, this belief flawed because the e-health should benefit first and foremost on the patient as a centre of medical process with universal access so that patient can access medical services quickly and efficiently, rather than the traditional format, which requires him to wait a lot of time dealing with a lot of paper is the essence of health.

It is no exaggeration when we say that there can be no health ...
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