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The word study is the necessary requirement for critical interpretation, precise explanation and splendid exposition. A large amount of data is available, but in most cases, the expounders are not aware of the correct methodology to be adopted and the most effective tools that can be utilized. It is highly unlikely that a suitable, complete and complete word study will ever be done. There is no example of any comprehensive word study. There are volumes of books on single words, but even they are not enough to have all the data. However, if the data is available, it is so much scattered that it is virtually impossible to extract the real and accurate information.

The research paper is a Hebrew word study of the word “???”, in the biblical text. The word “???”, which means trust in English language, is called “chasah” in Hebrew language. “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” In a society of relative safety, it is at times difficult to consider what it means to take refuge in the Lord. By examining the Hebrew word chasah, this research paper will explain the meaning of the word as it appears in the biblical text.


Commentaries, word study books, and commentaries are all very helpful in collecting data for the word-study; but the researcher should evaluate all the material carefully before proceeding. An individual must be aware of the fact that analyzing and studying words are a continuous process. In conducting a word study, it is necessary to address three concerning areas. The areas include, the retracing for the word usage, etymology research, its translation surveys in There are three areas to be studied in conducting a word study: tracing the usage of a word, researching its etymology, and surveying its translations in the earliest versions. The books of word study will normally provide the word's etymology first, then usage, and in very last the versions. The study related to the etymology of the word is a daunting task, but it is very essential for analyzing specific problematic and rare words in Scriptures. The study relating to the usage of the word is least taxing; and it reflects what and how humans proceed on the theological words that are common. The research and study of the word translated in the outdated versions, also modern versions, is also not an easy task. It is because this involves variety of languages; and since the expositions and commentaries utilize them a lot, we must be aware of utilizing them properly and correctly.

The word “???”, which means trust in English language, is called “chasah” in Hebrew language. The following is an explanation relevant to the word study of the word “???.


The Hebrew word chasah, at its most general, means to seek refuge (Brown, Driver and Briggs, 2000). This phrase is typically used in a poetic or figurative sense, which is evidence of ...
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