Helpdesk Support And Ticketing System Management

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Helpdesk support and ticketing system management


The trouble ticket system is being rapidly adapted by many firms all around the world. The system is directly linked with the performance and success of the firm having it. There have been many flaws conducted in this system by the technicians using it. The use of wrong English makes it harder for reading and understanding the problem quoted in the tickets. The focal purpose of this study is to highlight the problems and the solution of those problems.


Trouble tickets have been discussed in detail by Johnson in RFC 1297. Trouble tickets are a digital system in which the tickets are stored in a digital database. A Customer Relationship Management software package is used for the operation of trouble tickets and for the support of this digital system. Trouble tickets are completely based on word length and this word length may vary from 10 to more than 10,000 words. Automated tools and software are used for automatically updating the ticket numbers. The standard format and pattern of trouble tickets is pre-designed.

The first part of the format is the identification portion in which the customer mentions his or her name and the problem being faced. Then the status of the problem is discussed and the contact number is given by the customer for future communication purposes; and then an initial assessment of the actual problem or the trouble Is carried out by the concerned technicians. In trouble ticket system, many customers may send trouble tickets to the software at the same time. To avoid this conflict, the software itself identifies the tickets by a header, which is composed of time and date of that ticket. The remote devices are used to generate these headers to every ticket automatically (Thunkaram, 2005, pp. 710).


The main purpose of the trouble ticket system is to identify the problems associated to a certain organization using this system. The problem being identified can be related to the customer or any other operator in that organization. According to the rules and provisions of NOC policy, every organization holding NOC policy should have its technicians capable enough to solve any kind of technical problem. The trouble shooting steps should be clarified clearly in the manuals of the operations according to the NOC policy. Due to the NOC policy, all the concerned customers are kept on the same page (Kawahara, 2000, pp. 111). The closed trouble tickets are used for the judgment of the monthly or quarterly performance of the organization. The billing concerns are checked through the closed tickets. The tickets are assigned systematically. A new ticket is available every time to the customer or the user in case of any problem occurring in the system itself. The closed trouble tickets also help in the evaluation of the problem solving progress of the company. The main purpose for the development of trouble tickets is troubleshooting. The organization can easily make this system the backbone of their troubleshooting databases and develop itself into a ...
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