Improving Current E-Ticketing System Of Irat Airline

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Improving current e-ticketing system of IRAT airline

Improving current e-ticketing system of IRAT airline

Chapter 1: Introduction

Domestic Civil Aviation Industry

Domestic civil aviation industry is a potential industry in Iran that can grow fast and play more important role in transport industry in country. But, more than 30 years sanction against this industry put Iranian airlines in a situation that they are not able to purchase new western airplanes. Also, the second hands aircrafts which are less than 10 years old are under sanction now, they cannot simply purchase spare parts for their older aircrafts as well. Iranian airlines stand and try to keep this industry alive with all problems that they are faced.

According to Iran civil aviation organization's report, there are 179 airplanes with 31,477 total number of seats that are being used in Iran to transport 12.8 million passenger who chosen airlines to travel around the country.

Iran Air Tours

Iran Air Tours (IRAT) is an airline based in Tehran, Iran. It is a subsidiary of Iran Air and operates scheduled domestic services and international services in the Middle East, as well as charter services including Europe. Its main base is Mashhad International Airport.

The airline was established in 1973 by Iran Air and started scheduled operations in 1990 with services for its domestic tours division. Iran Air Tours operates services to more than 35 domestic scheduled destinations and few international destinations.

According to annual report of IRAT, this airline has transported approximately 2.5mil passengers out of 12.8 million in the last year (2009) to different cities in Iran.

The highest load factor rate of Iranian airlines belongs to IRAT; this rate was 92.9% within year of 2008. It means that usually all this company's flights are full and passengers can hardly find tickets to travel.

Phase 1: system planning

Project scope:

This project deals with the development and improvement of current IRAN AIR TOUR's e-ticketing website. This project will try to find all problems of existing system and solve them by designing and developing a new e-ticketing system which must be user friendly and dynamic website that all costumers with minimum knowledge can use it and purchase tickets online.

Problem description:

Airlines' ticket selling offices and Travel agencies are common places to buy ticket through country yet. Since few years ago, airlines show their interest to e-ticketing by opening their e-ticketing services via their websites. Using the new technology to cut expenses of airlines and passengers and direct communication to passengers to gain useful information for marketing and customer care proposes were part of reasons that airlines change their orientation to e-ticketing system.

Travel agencies by selling a ticket charge airlines 2% to 5% of ticket price and these amount can be save by selling tickets directly to customers.

IRAT lunched e-ticketing system few years ago but, the e-ticketing system is not succeeding as expected yet.

The problems which faced the e-ticketing system are:

Lack of internet infrastructure

Lack of e-ticket advertisement

User friendless

Static website

Lack of internet infrastructure

There is lack of internet infrastructure in country and it is ...
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