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Highland Soup Company

Highland Soup Company

Task 1 Differences between consumer behaviour in respect of soup in China and another

Countries .

Ans. For China soup is the most important all time food intake taken with every meal. For the Chinese cuisne soups play an integral role. The majority of Chinese restaurants in any part of the world are well known. Soup industry is at its mature stage in China as soups are consumed by all age groups. Soups are available for all in wellness and sickness soups are often used for postpartum, illness, old age, and weak energy. It requires great knowledge and patience to make the appropriate soup.

Often, traditional Chinese will use herbs and special soups for all illnesses before he or she seeks out an alternative treatment from Western medicine. Western medicine is often reserved for more severe health problems, as many Chinese believe that Western medicine is "too strong" for them. Comparatively in the United Kingdom if the soup has meat or veggies in it, it is eaten. The soup drinking culture in the United Kingdom is found less compared to the Chinese. In the UK As soup is conveniently able to suit every trend, from comfort to vegetarian and ethnic it is perfectly suited to this segment of the market who seek the fashionable lunching choice. Moreover after purchasing on the high street, shoppers generally look to fill their appetites in relaxing, indulging surroundings. Soup drinkers are not many especially the 18-38 age group arent included in the majority of soup drinkers. Soup drinking in England is consumed more by the age group 64 + and is not a lively diet for the young. Yet light alternative, which can be fulfilled through our selection of soups and accompaniments.

Task 2

a) What are the likely implications of regional influences, age, and gender, upon the way in which

consumers buy and use the Highland Soup Company's products?

Ans. Age and gender play an important role in how consumers select the fod wants referring to the Highland Soup Company's products eating quality, food safety, and health benefits continue to be of importance, there is increasing evidence that some consumers intend to also make civic and society-focused statements with their purchase decisions.

The Highland Soup Company's products have been welcomed in the Chinese market by all age segments. As one may expect, the factor “proven health benefits,” had the highest percentage of consumers who assigned it great importance. In contrast, the next three most important factors, “supporting local economy,” “farmers receiving fair share of economic returns,” and “maintaining local farmland” could be framed as more altruistic motivations related to public goods consumers want to support. Although these factors might be associated with locally grown—an issue explored later—the broader “locally grown” attribute was rated lower. Despite its significant market presence, organic was rated quite low in importance by consumers, which is consistent with the lower market penetration reported earlier. These results support the concept that consumers are seeking direct assurances on specific ...
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